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Type Of Market Structure Economics Essay

Type Of Market Structure Economics Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

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Market Structure is the one of the important elements to understand how market will function determine the behavior of firms in the market and the outcome that will be produced by the market. In economics term, market structure is the number, size, kind and distribution of buyers and sellers. According to Porter (1985), another tool to analyse a company's market structure, which includes the bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of new competitors' entering into the market, threat of substitutes and intensity of competition. Four types of market types or structures are perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition.

Monopolistic competition is a mixture of perfect competition and monopoly, because they sharing some of the features of each. Competitive markets provide effective results, monopoly markets show risk losses. Monopolistic competition is somewhere in between, not as efficient as pure competition but less risk loss than a monopoly. In monopolistic competition market has three fundamental characteristic which is; many buyer and seller, seller offer a differentiated product and seller can easily enter or exit the market.

In monopolistic competition there are many firms in the market but not as many as in perfect competition market. In perfect competition, the existing of many buyer and seller influence the market price but in monopolistic competition seller cannot influence the market price. Monopolistic firms face non-price competition and firm have some power to control their own production price. This is because goods that are produced can be differentiated from one another. Therefore, even though firms raise the price, there are still customers will purchase the goods they produce. On the other hand, if firms reduce the price, sales can be increased but will not be able to attract all the customers from competitors. Monopolistic firms have the freedom to enter and exit the industry quite easily. This is because new firms can produce different types of goods. Usually new firms succeed in entering a monopolistic market by producing goods that are better in quality, they run promotions and also advertise. The personal computer industry in Malaysia can be said to be in the monopolistic competition market. There are many brands in the market such as Compaq, Acer, Apple, DELL, Toshiba and so on.

Lastly is Oligopoly market. Oligopoly is a market where there are a few sellers and buyers and firm are influence which one another. These markets are not monopoly because there is more than one seller, but there also not a monopolistic competitor either. In other word, there are a few firm dominate the market. For example, in the city there is many of restaurants, this situation we called as the 'market meals' under monopolistic competition. But, if we define as the 'Thai restaurant in the city' there may be one or two restaurant. So, this few market we categorize as an oligopoly market.

Others characteristic of oligopoly is goods that they produced are same or almost the same. So that, price are depends on the cooperation among the firm. They have the power to set high price toward their product. On the other hand, if firm not give the cooperation, the price in the market will be kept lower and less stable. There are big barriers to entry by new firms to join the oligopoly. This doesn't mean that new firms cannot enter the market, but those firms will face difficulties such as the need for huge capital investment and old firms that already have secure position in the market. In an oligopoly market, firm are not competed with their product price but normally by their advertisement. The good advertising will get customers who are loyal to their product and also can increase their sales. The objective of make an advertisement is to explain, persuade or influence their customer about the product and also can help to maintain their relationship. Example of oligopoly in Malaysai is petroleum industry. They are categorizing as an oligopoly because there are few firms that control the market such as Shell, Petronas, Esso and so on. This firm are competed among them to control market. They also depend on each other to decide the selling price.

Overall, we are discussing about four type of market structure which is perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition. The difference for each market structure can be determined by looking at characteristics such as the number of firms in the industry, the similarity or standardization of good they produced, the way firm decide the price, the barrier to enter and exit each market and the freedom to make decisions. By understanding each characteristic, we can understand the behavior of the firm.

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20 Classification Classification Organizes, or sorts, people or items into categories. A good classification paragraph: 1. Make sense of a group of people or items by organizing them into categories. 2. Uses useful categories. 3. Uses a single organizing principle. 4. Gives examples of what fits into each category.

21 Classification Paragraph Example Test questions generally fall into categories, depending on how they are answered: objective and subjective. The first kind, objective questions, have definite right and wrong answers. Multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions are objective. Although they can be tricky because of their wording, most students prefer objective questions. The answers are already there, and the student just has to choose the right one. Subjective test items, such as short- answer and essay questions, have no single correct answer. There is a range of possible responses. Students have to know the information in order to answer each question, and they have to present it in their own words. You can make a lucky guess on an objective question, but a subjective question doesnt offer much hope for a student relying on dumb luck.

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23 Cause & Effect Paragraph Example Much to her surprise, lottery winner Sylvia Lee found that sudden wealth was a mixed blessing – the results were both good and bad. After her win was announced, she was constantly hounded by people who wanted to sell her something. She got an unlisted phone number, but the more aggressive salespeople just camped out on her doorstep. Another negative result was that people started treating her differently. I was shocked, said Lee. Everyone from the checkout clerk at the supermarket where Ive shopped for years to my next-door neighbor acted as though I had changed. Im still the same; Ive just got money now. Lee admits, though, that most of the changes have been positive. Its really a relief not worrying about money all the time. I actually went on my first shopping spree ever, and it was great. Lee expects that other new and unexpected results of her sudden wealth are yet to come, but shes not discouraged: so far, at least, the pluses far outweigh the minuses.

24 Compare & Contrast Compare & contrast paragraphs show similarities and differences among people, ideas, situations, or items. They are used to explain two subjects and help you decide between two options. They: 1. Uses subjects that have enough in common to be compared/contrasted. 2. Serves a purpose- either to help readers make a decision or understand subjects. 3. Presents several important, parallel points of comparison/contrast. 4. Arranges points in a logical organization.

25 Compare & Contrast Paragraph Example When they get lost while driving, women and men have very different ways to find the right route. As soon as a woman thinks she might be lost, she will pull into a store or gas station and ask for directions. As she continues on, is shes still not sure of the directions, she will stop again and ask someone else for help. Until they know they are on the right track, women will continue to ask for directions. In contrast, men would rather turn around and go home than stop and ask for directions. First, a man doesnt readily admit he is lost. When it is clear that he is, he will pull over and consult a map. If he still find himself lost, he will again pull out that map. Either the map will finally put the man on the right route, or – as a last resort – he will reluctantly stop at a store or gas station and let his wife go in and ask for directions. Many battles of the sexes have raged over what to do when lost in the car.

26 Argumentation Argumentation takes a position on an issue and offers reasons and supporting evidence to persuade someone else to accept or at least consider the position. Good argumentation paragraphs: 1. Take a strong and definite position on an issue or advises a particular action. 2. Give good reasons and supporting evidence to defend a position or recommended action. 3. Consider opposing views. 4. Have enthusiasm and energy from start to finish.

27 Argumentation Paragraph Example School uniforms should be mandatory for all students for a number of reasons. First, they make everyone equal. In this way, the rich kids are on the same level as the poor ones. In addition, getting ready for school can be much faster and easier. Many kids waste time choosing what to wear to school, and they are often unhappy with their final choices. Most important, some studies show that school uniforms make students perform better. Many people might say that uniforms take away from personal freedom, but I believe that the benefits are stronger than the drawbacks.

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31 Thanks for trying! See you next module! Paragraph examples taken from: Anker, Susan. Real Writing with Readings. Boston. Bedford/St. Martins Folse, Keith, A. Muchmore-Vokoun, and E. Vestri Solomon. Great Paragraphs. New York. Houghton Mifflen

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Another main contrast of form is lighting. Three light sources were used in this piece, each with varying levels of brightness. The lights illuminate the set around the scene. In some scenes the lighting is dulled down, other times the light is closer to the camera which makes the scene brighter. Lighting is also used to put emphasis on depth and also to enhance focal points. Lighting not only helps to make important parts of the piece stand out it also enhances the composition.
In addition to camera angles and light, another prominent visual characteristic of this piece is the focus of lens. Some shots in the piece are intentionally focused and other parts are intentionally blurred, broken and are not focused. When the video goes from focused to blur it depicts a scene of sleeping and/or sickness. The use of focus of.

. middle of paper.

. vibrant color, then it would create a higher contrast. Overall, making the images stand out from the font. On the contrary, the font size in the video was very different, and in order to catch the viewers eye there needed to be more consistency with font and color. When the viewer cannot read the information, it is useless and becomes a negative ascent to the entire project. To modify these scenes I could work more on verbal communication. There are no words being spoken to help drive home meaning. The viewer has to interpret from actions alone. The last change I would make is to not over complicate the video. The video has to many angles that become unimportant and confusing. For the next project I will simplify camera angles and lighting. I need to take a step back from this project, learn from it, and make stronger work that has more positives than negatives.

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