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Writing Contest - University at Albany-SUNY

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The Writing and Critical Inquiry program holds a yearly writing contest for all students enrolled in WCI. Contest finalists and winners are honored at a celebration in April. The contest is a unique opportunity because students enrolled in the Spring semester partake in the judging process. Use the links below to navigate through the process.

Submissions are collected at the end of each semester: December 1st-31st for students enrolled in WCI in the Fall, and May 1st-31st for students enrolled in the Spring. Students may only submit in the semester in which they took WCI. If you submit in the Spring semester, your essay will be evaluated in the following Spring.

Students who are interested in submitting should email their sumbisions to

Students may submit in three genres:

1) Personal Narrative

These three genres correspond with the three types of essays that all students will have to write in WCI. Your professor may have different titles for the three genres listed--and that's okay. You can still submit it!

You may submit in one, two, or all three categories. Please send a separate email for each entry, with the genre clearly marked in the email subject line.

Your essay must be in one of the following file formats. doc. docx. rtf, or .pdf file.

In the Body of the email, please include the following:

2) The genre of the submission

3) Your WCI professor's name

Entries are read anonymously. Therefore, DO NOT include your name anywhere on or in the essay itself.

You should, however, have a title within your essay submission.

Once your essay is submitted, it goes through an initial round of judging. A committee of WCI professors read and discuss all entries and chooses finalists to move on to the next round.

The finalists are then judged by students of participating WCI faculty in the Spring semester. Students read, discuss, and collaborate with their instructor to determine the winning essay in each category.

If you win--or your essay earns an honorable mention--well, that's a huge feat! You've just earned permanent bragging rights for your CV/resume. Congratulations!

Winners and finalists are also honored at an end-of-the-year celebration, to which all WCI students and faculty are invited. Winners will be asked to read from or discuss their essay.

Winners can work with faculty members to best determine what feels most comfortable in presenting their work.

Winners, finalists, and any essayists that receive honorable mentions typically agree to have their works available as sample essays for use in future WCI classes. This is quite an honor.

If you enter the contest, you agree to have your essay read and discussed by WCI students in the following Spring semester. Therefore, make sure you are comfortable with this knowledge before you decide to submit your essay.

Email WCI instructor Amanda Giracca at with any questions you may have about the contest.

We look forward to reading your work!

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Albania Essay

Free Essays Must Be Free! TM Albania Essay

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The destruction of Bosnia-Herzegovina is proof, if proof were needed, that the actions of states are not determined by ethical or humanitarian consideration. The war of conquest launched by.

The destruction of Bosnia-Herzegovina is proof, if proof were needed, that the actions of states are not determined by ethical or humanitarian consideration. The war of conquest launched by Serbia, and joined by Crotia, was allowed to take its genocide course because the defense of Bosnia and its citizens was not an imperative dictated by national or security interests of any state. There is nothing new here ;nothing new to lament. This is

Past and present, ancient and modern, young and old, Muslim and Christian, rich and poor, north and south, urban and rural, monarchist and socialist: the extremes of Albanian society are.

the way we have ordered our world. (Rabbi Ali & Lipschultz, Lawrence xi) Introduction In a country, where the people have been subjugated all of their lives, one can easily understand why such importance is placed on maintaining social and cultural integrity. The Albanians have lost land, money, religious freedoms and lives in their continuing struggle against tyranny. Through all of Albania s domination, it has been able to maintain certain culture mannerism. These cultural mannerisms have

Albania, one of Europe's smallest countries, is situated in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. It has a 360-km (225-mi) coastline on the Adriatic and Ionian seas and is.

given the Albanian people something in common, as well as something to be identified by. Origin of the Albanian People Albanians are believed to be the descendants of the Illyrians. Although there is no conclusive evidence to substantiate this claim, strong indicators have lead historian to come to that conclusion. One, major indictors is the Albanian language. The similarities between both languages are apparent. In addition, the languages of the bordering countries of Albania speak completely

Albania WWII
During World War II the country was occupied by the Germans. When they retreated in 1944, a leader of the Communist-led resistance movement, Enver Hoxha, became head of the Albanian.

different languages. The kingdom of Illyria originally was composed of the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Dalmatia, Montenegro, and a large portion of Serbia. At its apex, the kingdom of Illyria controlled the kingdoms of Molssia, and a good part of Macedonian. It seemed as though Illyria would have a prosperous future. Unfortunately, it was during this same period that Illyria would begin to weaken at the hands of Philip of Mecedon. However, it

Irland And Albania
Comparing the electoral politics of most Western and Eastern European countries is like comparing night and day. While most of Western European countries have a strong political system, thriving economy.

would be Rome, who first subjugated the people of Illyria. Roman Domination of Illyria In 165 BC, Illyria was defeated by the Romans. One of the first actions taken by the Romans was the separation of Illyrian State into three independent republics. Romans would control Illyria, which now became the province of Illyricum, for six centuries. During these six hundred years of foreign domination, the culture of Illyria would be greatly affected. Art and culture

Albania - United Nations Info
Albania GOVERNMENT Albania s government is a parliament democracy. There branches of government are Executive Branch President of Republic (chief of the state), Prime Minister (head.

flourished, particularly in Apollonia, whose school of philosophy was celebrated in antiquity (BRS Albania 2). Another, major influence which Roman rule had on Illyria was the manifestation of Christianity in Illyria. Original religious practices in Illyria included, but were not limited to Mithra, paganism, and other Oriental cults. Although Illyrians resisted conversion into Roman culture, by the middle of the first century AD, Illyrians had become engulfed in Christianity. With the acceptance of

Albania: The Cold War Years
During World War II the country was occupied by the Germans. When they retreated in 1944, a leader of the Communist-led resistance movement, Enver Hoxha, became head of the Albanian.

Christianity, Illyrian tongue was transformed as well. Many Latin words were assimilated into the language, and are today a part of the Albanian language. While under Roman domination, not all aspects of life were contained. Illyrians would establish influences in the Roman military power structure ;with several of them becoming emperors. New State is Born Along with the split of the Roman Empire, the present day territories of Albania became part of the Byzantine Empire. During

Kosovo: Conflicts Between Serbians And Ethnic Albanians
Kosovo: Conflicts Between Serbians and Ethnic Albanians I. Introduction A. Thesis- The conflict between the Serbs and Albanians shows us the.

the first ten years of Byzantine rule, Illyria suffered massive havoc imposed by raiding Viusgoths, Huns, and Ostrogoths. Once the Barbarians had swept through the Balkans, the Slavs appeared. From the sixth to the eight-century they settled in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia, and quickly assimilated the region inhabitants. Unlike Northern tribes, Southern tribes avoided assimilation and preserved their native tongue. In the course of several centuries, under the impact of Roman,

Comparison of Electoral Politics
Comparing the electoral politics of most Western and Eastern European countries is like comparing night and day. While most of Western European countries have a strong political system, thriving economy.

Byzantine, and Slavic cultures, the tribes of southern Illyria underwent a transformation, and a transition occurred from the old Illyrian population to a new Albanian one (BRS Albania 3)." In 1081, for the first time in historical record, Alexius I Commenus would mention Albania and the Albanians. Unfortunately, he was referring to the Albanians in an account of resistance, to an offensive by the Normans. This became a reoccurring pattern for Albania. It would

Electorial Politics Of Ireland
Comparing the electoral politics of most Western and Eastern European countries is like comparing night and day. While most of Western European countries have a strong political system, thriving.

not be for joyful reasons that Albania would be refereed to ;instead, it would be due to disastrous ones, accounts of invasion. Waves of Invasions and Foreign Domination Due to the weakness of the Byzantine Empire, Albania would be invaded by Serbia in the Twelfth century. Then, in 1204, after western crusaders sacked Constaninople, Venice won nominal control over Albania and the Epirus region of northern Greece and took possession of Durres (BRS Ottoman Conquest

The Warsaw Pact
What was The Warsaw Pact? The Warsaw Pact was a treaty signed in Warsaw, Poland in June of 1955. The Countries involved in signing the pact were Albania.

of Albania 2). With the assistance of a prince, from an overthrown Byzantine family, Albania successfully forced Venice from its country. Then, in 1272 the king of Naples, Charles I of Anjou, occupied Durres and formed an Albanian Kingdom, which flourished for the next century. Unfortunately, due to the weakness of the Byzantine Empire, Serbia was able to established in Empire in Albania during the fourteenth century. Serbians would not remain in power for

The Warsaw Pact
What was The Warsaw Pact? The Warsaw Pact was a treaty signed in Warsaw, Poland in June of 1955. The Countries involved in signing the pact were Albania.

long. The division of the Albanian populated lands into small, quarreling fiefdoms ruled by independent feudal lords and tribal chiefs made them easy prey for the ottoman armies. In 1385, the Albanian ruler of Durres, Karl Thopia, appealed to the sultan for support against his rivals, the Balsha family. An Ottoman force quickly marched into Albania along the Via Egnatia and routed the Balsha. The principal in the Balkans in 1423, and the Turks took

the bakan peninsula
The Balkan Peniunsula is comprised of the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria.

Janina in 1431 and Arta on the Ionian coast, in 1449. The Turks allowed the conquered Albanian clan chiefs to maintain their position and property, but they had to pay tribute, send their sons to the Turkish court as hostages, and provide the Ottoman Army with Auxiliary troops (BRS Ottoman Conquest of Albania 2). Turks would enjoy present conditions until Gjergi Kastriot, one of Albania s greatest national heroes, declared a holy war against the

The Bakan Peninsula
The Balkan Peniunsula is comprised of the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria.

Turks. As a young boy, Kastriot, who was later named Skanderbeg, was converted to Islam. This was one of the above-mentioned conditions, which allowed Albanian chiefs to maintain their position. However, as soon as Skanderbeg was given the opportunity to defect, he did and he reembraced Roman Catholicism as well. On March 1, 1444, Albanian chieftains gathered in the cathedral of Lezhe with the prince of Montenegro and the delegates from Venice and proclaimed Skanderbeg

Wag The Dog
Wag The Dog The movie starts with the President hit with the claim he had sexual relations with a firefly girl during a tour of the white house, and all.

commander of the Albanian resistance (BRS Albania Under Ottoman Rule 1). For the following twenty-four years, Skanderbeg held off ferocious Ottoman campaigns. He was even able to fight off attacks lead by Sultan Mehmed II. Would there be a chance for Albania to establish itself as a country? Would the people of Albania not have to covert to Islam? Unfortunately not, in 1468 Skanderbeg died. This brought great joy to

The Kosovo Conflict
The Kosovo Conflict Once again Yugoslavia is in the mist of turmoil. The Kosovo Liberation Army, supported by most ethnic Albanians, is openly rebelling against Serbian rule. The tension.

the Sultan, who is said to have said, Asia and Europe are mine at last. Woe to Christendom! She has lost her sword and shield (BRS Albania Reemergence after World War I 1). Even with the assistance of Naples and the Vatican, Albania was not able to hold of the Ottoman Empire. In 1478, Kruja fell to the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, in fear of assimilation, many Albanians flee

Conflict in Kosovo.
For all this years Serbians were considered a minority group. In the past years Clinton administration's started to increase their involvement in the conflict in Serbia's Kosovo province where threatening.

to neighboring countries such as Sicily, Greece, Romania, and Egypt, and converted to Roman Catholicism. As for the ones who decided to stay behind, they were forced to convert to Islam. The Ottoman Turks first focused their conversions campaigns on the Roman Catholics, Albanians of the north and then on the Orthodox population of the south. For example, the authorities increased taxes, especially poll taxes, to make conversions economically attractive. During and after a Christian counteroffensive

The Balkan troubles
I. Introduction Print section Balkan Wars, two consecutive wars fought from 1912 to 1913 among the countries of the Balkan Peninsula for possession of European territories held by the Ottoman.

against the Ottoman Empire from 1687 to 1690, when Albanian Catholics revolted against the Muslim overlords, the Ottoman Pasha of Pec, a town in the south of present day Yugoslavia, retaliated by forcing the entire Albanian villages to accept Islam. Albanians who converted to Islam, found jobs in the military and government, but it did not mean that they were unconditionally accepted by the Ottoman Military. In fact in 1830, 1000 Albanian leaders were invited to

Wag The Dog
Although the movie Wag the Dog is a comedy about a completly fake war, written and produced by a top Hollywood producer and a presidential Mr. Fix-It in order.

meet an Ottoman General, who killed approximately half of them. Then, in 1835 Albanian populated lands are divided into vilayets of Janina, Manastir, Shkodra, and Kosovo with Ottoman administrators. Birth of Albania In 1877, the treaty of San Stefano assigned Areas populated by Albanian to Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Serbia. Fortunately, Austria-Hungry and Britain blocked the treaty implementation. After that, Albanian leaders would create the Prizren League in 1878, who sole purpose was to secure territorial autonomy.

The Balkan Troubles
I. Introduction Print section Balkan Wars, two consecutive wars fought from 1912 to 1913 among the countries of the Balkan Peninsula for possession of European territories held by the Ottoman.

In 1912, right before the war in the Balkans, as surrounding countries tried to claim areas of Albania, the League declared Albanian independence. In 1913, the great powers endorsed Albania s independence. Unfortunately, when the great powers decided to grant Albania its independence, they also decided the geographical boundaries of Albania. But in drawing the borders of the new state, owing to strong pressure from Albanian s neighbors, the Great Powers largely ignored demographic realities and

Albanian Teenagers
Depending on the respective culture, the life of a teenager can vary greatly. Certain cultures demand more from their teenagers in terms of family obligations than do other cultures. For.

ceded the vast region of Kosovo to Serbia. However, Albania s independence was short lived. Alone with the outbreak of the First World War, came the collapse of Albania. Political chaos engulfed Albania after the outbreak of World War I. Surrounded by insurgent Durres, Prince Wilhem departed the country in September 1914, just six months after arriving, and subsequently joined the German army and served on the Eastern Front. The Albanian people

Cold War
Europe in the Age of the Cold War At the end of World War II,the two victorious most powerful nations left were the United States of America and the Union.

split among religious and tribal lines after the princess departure. Muslims demanded a Muslim prince and looked to Turkey as the protector of the privileges they had enjoyed. Other Albanians became little more than agents of Italy and Serbia, still others, including many boys and clan chief, recognized no superior authority. It did not matter much what anyone thought, because when the war ended most of Albania had been occupied by Italian troops. This action

Alice Munro Open Secrets The Albanian Virgin
ALICE MUNRO S THE ALBANIAN VIRGIN IN OPEN SECRETS EXEMPLIES HER CHARACTERISTIC APPROACH To try to trace Alice Munro s narrative techniques to any particular development in the short story.

was supported by National Assembly, The National Assembly, anxious to

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Albany new york essay contest

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Chemistry Homework Help Free Online. The tone that you use to write the document directly affects how the reader will interpret what is said. Do match the market with your own tastes, otherwise your story will emerge flat and the sex insincere. Compare the Tang Empress Wu Zetian (also known as Empress Wu or as Wu Zhao; ruled China around 690-705 AD) with either the Pharaoh Cleopatra (ruled Egypt around 51-31 BC) or the Pharaoh Hatshepsut (ruled Egypt around 1478-1458 BC).

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