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City of Joy

The story revolves around the trials and tribulations of a young Polish priest, Stephan Kovalski, the hardships endured by a rickshaw puller, Hasari Pal (the sufferer) in Calcutta (Kolkata), India and the experiences of a young, American doctor, Max Lowe.

Father Stephan joins a religious order whose vows put them in the most hellish places on earth. He chooses not only to serve the poorest of the poor in Calcutta but also to live with them, starve with them, and if God wills it, die with them. In the journey of Kovalski's acceptance as the Big Brother for the slum dwellers, he encounters moments of everyday miracles in the midst of apalling poverty and ignorance. The slum dwellers are ignored and exploited by society and authorities of power are not without their own prejudices. This becomes evident by their attitude towards the lepers and the continuation of the caste system.

The story also explores how a peasant farmer Hasari Pal arrives in Calcutta with his family after a drought wipes out the farming village where his family has lived for generations.

The third main character is that of a rich American doctor who has just finished med school and wants to do something with purpose before opening up his practice catering to the wealthy.

The book chronicles not only the separation of the wealthy from the poor but the separation of the different levels of poverty, caste divisions, and the differences of the many religions living side by side in the slums. It touches on Mother Teresa and her Sisters of Mercy as well. While the book has its ups and downs, both beautiful and horrific, an overall feeling of peace and well being is achieved by the story's end. Despite facing hunger, deplorable living conditions, illness, bone breaking work (or no work at all) and death, the people still hold on to the belief that life is precious and worth living, so much so that they named their slum "Anand Nagar", which translated into English means "The City of Joy".

The author has stated that the stories of the characters in the book are true and he uses many of the real names in his book. However, the book is considered fictional since many conversations and actions are assumed or created.

The author and his wife traveled to India many times, sometimes staying with friends in "The city of Joy". Half of the royalties from the sale of the book goes towards the City of Joy Foundation [ 1 ] that looks after slum children in Calcutta.

The book was made into a 1992 film starring Patrick Swayze as the American doctor.

The book received Christopher Award [ 2 ] in 1986, given for creative work that exhibits the highest values of the human spirit.

Inspiration from Real Life

The book is set in the slum of Anand Nagar which is based on Pilkhana, Kolkata. Stephen Kovalski's character is inspired by the efforts of Gaston Grandjean [ 3 ]. a Swiss nurse who moved to India in 1972 and has devoted his life in improving the welfare of slum dwellers. The book also refers to Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity.

Film Adaptation

The 1992 film adaption was directed by Roland Joffé starring Patrick Swayze .

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City Of Joy: A film analysis

City Of Joy: A film analysis. Talks about the relationships in the film.

What happens when everything you've ever known seems to be a lie? When everything you've worked so hard for in your life seems to come crashing down on you, who do you turn to? You need to find yourself, to re-evaluate your priorities. What better place to do that than in The City Of Joy.

The movie The City Of Joy is about a wealthy American doctor named Max Lowe. After he lost a patient on the operating table, Max spontaneously decides to leave America and travel to India in the hope of "finding himself." Not long after he arrives in Calcutta, Max is attacked by a group of thugs and left without money or a passport.

An Indian man named Hasari comes to Max's rescue. Hasari had left his farming community to come to the city, only to be overwhelmed by its dirt, crime, and overcrowding. Despite their poverty, Hasari and his family take Max in and bring him to a medical clinic in the City of Joy, one of the poorest slums in the city.

Max is brought to the clinic run by Joan Bethel, an Irish-American nun. When Joan discovers that Max is a doctor, she pleads with him to join her in running the clinic. Max declines, claiming he is a "non-practicing" surgeon. After an unplanned baby delivery for a woman whose baby is jeopardized, Max begins to see things in a new light. He signs on to help at the clinic, and his attitude about India's citizens and its way of life changes drastically.

The relationships in this movie are very moving. Hasari runs his rickshaw through a monsoon to provide for his daughter's dowry, while Max defies the local godfather by staying in India to be with his friends and patients.

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Short Paragraph on My Favorite Book - City of Joy

Short Paragraph on My Favorite Book – City of Joy

Article Shared By

Read this short paragraph about My Favorite Book – City of Joy !

Book fans are a dying breed these days because of the breakthrough of TV, films, and also the Internet. Most people prefer to spend their time watching a good movie or surfing the internet.

In today’s overly busy world, few folks spend time reading novels those who do either enjoy reading too much or to fight boredom instead watching lengthy movies.

In the modern world there is an increase in the advancement in technology. It’s therefore essential for people to read continuously to enjoy the many benefits that reading comes with such as broadening of knowledge and learning a thing or two.

Many read books to broaden their wisdom, while other read books to take pleasure from its subject material. I fit in with this group. I love to read good books in specific fiction, short tales, plays, etc. My most desirable book is “City of Joy” authored by Dominique Lappiere. The novel is really a touching outline on the lifestyles of the slum dwellers city vendors, common people and other people in the slum and how they survive in the busy streets. Their lifestyles, and endurance and the pitiable survival are clearly emphasized by author.

It’s the story of the many undesirable folks in the society. However the writer finds happiness, bravery, quality, and good traits amongst this group of unfortunate folks.

The plot of the plot really moved me and I have read this book more than four times now. The best aspect with the book, that fascinated me most, was the author’s reference to what would seem insignificant information.

The writer shows an authentic image of the slums stuffed houses, unclean drain pipes, small footpaths, people’s quarrels, their feats and celebrations, etc. The vocabulary is easy and the type of narration is down to earth. The author’s expertise of characterization is simply too beautiful to go unnoticed.

Once you read the book, an entire chapter of the various kinds of lives that people live opens up just before us.

There is nothing as satisfying as reading a good book.

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City Of Joy Movie Review & Film Summary (1992)

City Of Joy

One day a surgeon named Max Lowe walks away from the operating theater and Houston and everything his life stands for. He's dropping out, and maybe in some kind of leftover '60s reflex he decides to travel to Calcutta. He hopes to disappear into the sea of humanity, I guess, and find himself, or peace, or tranquility - he's not quite sure.

Calcutta has other ideas for him. Within a few hours of his arrival he is thrust into the maelstrom of a city where thousands live in the streets, where he is a highly visible rich man, where his medical training is desperately needed. "City of Joy" intercuts his story with the story of another new arrival in Calcutta, a man named Hasari, who comes to the city with his wife and family, seeking work, and is swindled out of all of his money with brutal efficiency.

The stories of the two men cross in Roland Joffe's "City of Joy," based on the novel by Dominique Lapierre. One of their common points of contact is an Irish woman, named Joan Bethel and played by Pauline Collins. who runs a clinic which ministers to the sick and homeless. When she discovers that Max is a surgeon, she exerts quiet but unrelenting pressure on him to help at the clinic.

Max resists at first. He's played by Patrick Swayze. who may seem an odd choice at first for the role, but is convincing as a drifting hedonist who would rather do anything than make a commitment. Although Max's story is the window through which Joffe approaches Calcutta (he apparently thinks we need an American to identify with), the story of Hasari is actually much more interesting, and it is his world that makes the movie worth seeing.

Hasari, played by Om Puri in a performance of great resilience and some humor, is a man who will do anything to support his family. Through a stroke of luck and some judicious ground-kissing he eventually wins a job as a rickshaw driver. The rickshaw is owned by the wealthy man who runs the district, and whose son is a hatchet-faced thief. And when Hasari eventually loses his rickshaw, and with it his hope of economic survival, we're reminded of Enzo Staiola's great performance in the title role of "The Bicycle Thief ." The film does several things right. It shows us convincing locations in Calcutta. It pays due attention to the Om Puri performance. It avoids the temptation to somehow concoct a formula romance between Swayze and Collins. But it does several things wrong, too, including an ending which is a standard battle between good and evil of a sort we've seen over and over again. And its view of Calcutta, however convincing in the background, is marred by a foreground cast of colorful characters who seem borrowed more from Dickens than from India.

I can think of two better recent films shot on the streets of desperate Third World cities: "Pixote ," the story of a homeless orphan in Brazil, and "Salaam Bombay! ," also about a homeless boy, in India. Both of them allowed their stories to develop organically out of the characters and situation. "City of Joy" seems a little too "written," too conformed to the rituals of Hollywood screenplays.

There's so much interesting stuff in the movie we are prepared to forgive that, but still, thinking back on the film, it wouldn't have suffered if the entire plot involving Swayze and Collins had been dropped, and Joffe had simply told the story of the rickshaw man. He, and his dilemma, will be there in Calcutta long after visiting surgeons and dedicated nurses have been absorbed into the city's relentless flow.