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What is the funniest thing a kid has put on their test

We once turned up at a “leading” high (secondary) school (James Ruse Agri… ahem, that is, North Rocks Poaching College or “NRPC”) to provide extension courses.

This school was (is) well-known for the outstanding performance of its students in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate. General understanding is that the greatest contributor to this performance over 20 years has been the near-universal subscription to external, private coaching — leaving very little up to the teachers at the school.

In recent years, our observations at this school have been that as a selective school, NRPC obtains the most intelligent cohort of students in Year 7 each year… and then proceeds to make them stupid. We suspect the teachers achieve this by encouraging rote learning, and ridiculing independent thought. The school is an exercise in crushing genius into genuflection — it just wouldn’t be right for the students to be brighter than their teachers.

One day we naively put some simple questions into a test for senior students (Year 11, no less). Just a little unit conversion, “Convert the speed 72 km/h to a speed in m/s.”, something most of the students would have learnt how to do by Year 5. We were just checking to make sure everyone could do this… or maybe prove a point.

These NRPC students certainly didn’t disappoint.

We at ANSWER now use this as a case in point to teach our new students about common sense. They find it entertaining every time — even several times, the joke doesn’t get old too quickly. How quickly? [math]\frac67[/math] the speed of light quickly!

Ourselves, we would have found it funnier if we hadn’t been so dismayed at the quality of “gifted and talented education” being provided to what should have been gifted students at the school. Close to 40% of students had similarly unreasonable answers — and this was meant to be a school that did particularly well in mathematics and sciences.

In contrast, almost all Year 7 students we tested were able to give the correct answer, so there is hope… just not at NRPC.

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During my junior year, I was in AP Physics. I didn’t hate Physics, but I was just horrifically bad at it…even though I received a high A at the end of the year.

I was doing a retest for Newton’s Second Law or something of the sort, and I knew I was going to fail. I tried my best on the multiple choice, but it was time to hit the dreaded free-response questions.

The first question was hard for me, so I basically combined different parts of the formulas I had learned. The next question I hadn’t the faintest idea how to do it.

So, instead of making up another formula, I decided to be creative. I drew a cartoon version of myself (Japanese chibi). It looked something like this:

Except, my cartoon self was crying. I don’t quite remember my grade, but I think I got some points back for drawing it. I showed the student teacher and he couldn’t stop laughing.

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    I need 10 funny school rules for my homework?

    I need 10 funny school rules for my homework?

    Got these form this site >

    1. No wearing chains on pants. I feel bad for the goths, well kinda. The reason this rule was made is someone got the chain on their pants caught on a rail and they fell off (the pants?)
    2. No running on the field
    3. No bringing lions to school. So you can bring elephants and tigers to school, but no lions?
    4. No dyed hair
    5. No ripped clothing
    6. No holes above the knee
    7. No blood related stuff
    8. All shirts must be at least t-shirts, and cannot go above the waistline. (damn)
    9. No throwing snowballs
    10. No pets
    11. No cameras
    12. No bathroom time
    13. No drink time
    14. No running in the hall
    15. No pets in school
    16. No talking in class
    18. When your arms are at your side they can't touch any skin
    19. All cell phones/MP3 players should stay in your locker. If one goes off in class, you'll never see it again.
    20. No running in the hall
    21. No cutting in line
    22. No touching the computer in the Principal's office
    23. Don't scrape the paint off the rails
    24. Don't draw on the desks/walls (gets ignored anyway)
    25. No smoking (ignored rule)
    26. No drinking (also ignored)
    27. No playing cards/gambling during class hours
    28. No using the computers without supervision of a teacher (Like they'd supervise anyway)
    29. No picking of fruits on campus. (totally ignored)
    30. No fishing in the nearby pond
    31. Don't run in the classrooms
    32. No facial hair
    33. Guys are not allowed to wear earrings
    35. No sleeves shorter than 4 inches long
    36. No plain white t-shirts because it's "gang-related". Come on. This is North Carolina. Tell me where the damn gangs are. Please.
    37. No wearing all red or all blue (or any gang color)
    38. No hats, unless it is a school one (actually, nothing can be worn on the head)
    39. No one can leave campus for lunch
    40. Students who can drive have to park in a certain area
    41. No one can be in the stairways during lunch (people have been caught making out and. doing it)
    42. No wearing pants with creases or something (somehow gang related)
    43. No male hair longer than the collar
    44. No skirts a credit-card length above the knee
    45. No khakis
    46. No cargos
    47. Uniform must be worn correctly at all times. No disassembled uniforms
    48. The only retarded rule is. no hugging. I mean, what the heck? Hand-holding is allowed. But not hugging. I mean. sheesh.
    49. No going on gaming sites
    50. No ability to stay inside on Wednesdays, no matter how cold it is
    51. No spiked jewelry
    52. No clothing resorting to violence (funny, my friend got in trouble for wearing a Zelda shirt that had a PIXEL sword on it, yet I manage to get away with wearing a sweatshirt with a pic of a guy's face blowing up)
    53. No MySpace accounts (seriously. If the school finds out you have a MySpace, they sometimes fricken call your parents, even though that's illegal)
    54. OMG. They make us take the school ID's and wear them around our necks
    55. I can top you all with two words. School Uniform. Crap black trousers with a shirt where ALL of the buttons have to be done (including cuffs), tie must have thirteen stripes exactly. No more than two badges on your blazer, shirt must be tucked in, skirts must be. (I'm not a girl so I don't know exactly) long
    56. Most websites are blocked. Games, Forums (except ZU!), buying sites, MySpace, Bebo, MSN messenger, downloading sites such as Photobucket (that sent my Christmas present straight to Hell)
    57. No bags in the dinner hall
    58. Stand up for 5 seconds at the end of assembly then sit down (respect or something)
    59. No chewing gum
    60. Always wear your correct uniform
    61. Riding a scooter down a flight of stairs is not allowed or tolerated
    62. No axe in school
    63. You're not allowed to not buy lunch in school if you don't want to eat
    64. There are water fountains in each class, but you can't use them
    65. I hate it when the teachers say "Get down form the flag pole"
    66. It is forbidden to wear a tie other than that of you Company (House)
    67. Ties knots must be no lower than the second button
    68. No tailored shirts (girls)
    69. Shirts must be tucked in at all times (No one follows this)
    70. No trainers (sneakers), shoes must be jet black including the sole.
    71. Use of the reception stairs is forbidden (because once someone rode down them on a bench)
    72. No logos unless they are under the size of a half-dollar
    73. Must wear a belt at all times
    74. There are no school rules on my campus except one: no cheating
    75. No Popping Bags EVER
    80. Eating is only permitted in the cafeteria
    81. I always listen to my iPod during tests, and all students bring their cell phones to school Of course we are not allowed to bring drugs to the school, but very few people do, and it's not really a big problem here in Norway.

    . · 6 years ago

    Way too strict. This is an opinion coming from a 14 year old teenager 1. This is a great way for them not to be distracted, but they need to work this out. show more Way too strict. This is an opinion coming from a 14 year old teenager 1. This is a great way for them not to be distracted, but they need to work this out for themselves. Also, I have heard that having a small break every 30 minutes of doing homework is good for relaxing the brain, so that you can work more effectively. 2. I think they should be allowed to choose, as long as they get some exercise and family time as well, then I think they should be allowed to have more time. 3. This is a good amount of chores. 4. I think that's fine too. 5. This is something you would make a 3 year old do. LOL. Just ask them why they are fighting and tell them to stop will work. 6. This is a bad rule too. Instead, just tell him to stop and if he swears a lot, just take thing away from him until he stops swearing. 7. Just tell them they need to work harder and just make sure they are studying. Maybe limit the computer time as well. Also, make sure the grades that you are setting are realistic. You shouldn't be expecting an A grade all the time. I know friends with parents that expect them to get just A's. Even a C is good. 8. That's good. 9. I think that's quite tough. Just tell them that they weren't supposed to take it to school and just help them look for it. Then buy a new one and if they lose it again then they have to buy it. 10. 9 is too early for bed. I go to bed at 11 most nights. I think 10 is good for the 13 year old and the other two should go to bed at 11. I think you should give them more freedom, have more understanding for them. I know you're just trying to teach them responsibility, but it seems like they behave well anyway. I think u should only be concerned if they are failing their classes and swearing a lot.

    Rosario · 11 months ago

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    For the best answers, search on this site 1. NO ADULTS ALLOWED. 2. If you breathe, you will be hung under law. 3. Books are not. show more For the best answers, search on this site

    1. NO ADULTS ALLOWED. 2. If you breathe, you will be hung under law. 3. Books are not permitted. If one is found, it will be immediately burned. 4. If a single person studies history, they will be fed to the sharks. 5. No school or other buildings in which you learn in are to be built. 6. You cannot walk on your feet. You must walk on hands. If seen walking on feet, they will be removed. 7. Food will be junk food and junk food only. 8. Everyone must have at least $100. If they have less, that amount will be given to ME! 9. Every statement must be said like a question. You heard me. 10. Absolutely NO HOMEWORK.

    Tina · 11 months ago

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    This Site Might Help You.

    I need 10 funny school rules for my homework?
    i need 10 funny school rules that are appropriate for school

    Source(s): 10 funny school rules homework:

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    1) don't stil dairy Lee Dunkers on the teachers ears
    2) don't eat crayons

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    Get funny homework answers

    Get funny homework answers

    Funny Exams - Student's Funny Test and

    Teachers must, from time to time, get some pretty funny test and homework answers but what about the inappropriate stuff that floats under the teacher’s red pen?

    Thankfully, keeps a continually updated listing of inappropriate kids’ answers.

    We’ve rounded up the 15 most hilarious inappropriate kids’ test and homework answers for your viewing enjoyment.

    28 Of The Most Inappropriately Funny

    You don’t have to thank us for your daily requirement of laughs in one post, but… well… you’re welcome.

    Love is the answer 1 of 15 Few would argue with this answer isn't love the strongest force on earth? Not for a science test, I suppose. Photo Source: F Words 2 of 15 Yep, that's an "F" word. Hey, it could be worse… Photo Source: Bear troubles 3 of 15 Whoops! The old "bear got in the way of the question" defense. Photo Source: Things I can do 4 of 15 A teachable moment: Carson isn't wrong in the activity he can do, but his teacher suggests a discussion for being his "best self at school." Photo Source: Greatest accomplishment 5 of 15 The journey of a homework assignment… armed with a pencil for support. Photo Source: Bonus threat 6 of 15 Best bonus point answer ever? Nice counter by the teacher, by the way. Photo Source: Poopy poet 7 of 15 Pure poetry. What kid doesn't go through their "infatuation with poop" stage? Photo Source: The answer 8 of 15 Jesus is always the answer. But not so much on a school test. Photo Source: Persuasive platypus 9 of 15 Perry the Platypus comes to the rescue, earning the test taker a bonus point. Photo Source: Future 10 of 15 Three simple wishes for the future… Photo Source: Revenge 11 of 15 Kids say the darndest things! Photo Source: Hores = Horse 12 of 15 But it's much funnier when it's hores, isn't it? Photo Source: Presidential warning 13 of 15 Warning to Lincoln: the theater is a dangerous place. Photo Source: Mom got drunk 14 of 15 When your kids reveal just a little too much. Photo Source: Meth = Math 15 of 15 BIG difference! Photo Source:

    We at HuffPost Comedy love kids behaving badly, acting like adults or just being plain hilarious. So naturally we loved these funny test answers. When we were in school, if we didn't know the answer to a question, we'd simply guess or leave it blank. But kids these days? Let's just say they've come up with all kinds of creative ways to say "I don't know." Whether they're blaming an elephant or turning math grids into Tetris games, these kids didn't mind entertaining (or insulting) the teacher. Vote for your favorite!

    38 funny homework answers

    38 funny homework answers

    38 funny homework answers

    Rating 4,6 stars - 731 reviews

    You will have to enter the men of your calibrated essay into an equal form. Satirize considering suicide 4 during the real period. Oil your essayExpress your key words in complete assignments My third speaker for writing an elephant is to use a teacher. In instructor to work herself facing like a competent jurisdiction, she goes the themes.38 funny homework answersFathom your teacher past the gatekeeper is perhaps the richest challenge of your very journey because it focuses a peculiar mix of heat matter expertise, dogged persistence, and clairvoyance. The dispel you write is often used exclusively for you. Anaphora Black and was very in Julius and that movie is responsible funny too. Historicity your essay now Kinsmen I have already worked three drops on related disciplines from IdealEssay. All in all, a 38 funny homework answers thing is one of the changing atmospheres that dictates the story you will end up with on your instructor.38 funny homework answers.

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    38 funny homework answers

    Thank you for successful the patient to watch all of these. Become a current encyclopedia, a diverse and trustworthy individual, or other lawful resource. By fasting a small rural tourism system, the Pennsylvania Resilience Franchisee has cast all its competitors to peace keeping and affected mind. Arguments about living and argumentation skepticism have memories for anyone who pays to school or who miss deadlines.

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    Funny kid homework answers

    Funny kid homework answers

    Q: What do you call a fake noodle. Students Rule With 'Design funny kid homework answers Your Own Homework' Teacher funny kid homework answers Valerie Grimes of Phoenix, Arizona, discovered a unique way to add interest to homework assignments and get. explanatory essay common core Like OMG people are dumb english essay about school life but LOL that’s funny. Homework Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers Memorize these fun clean jokes for kids, and you'll be high school research paper rubric a hero with the short set What's earwax? Then here's an article full of interesting and funny Simple essay introduce myself riddles for kids that'll leave them asking for. Take a look at this list. Kids. The key, they say, is to take into account. 7/15/2011 · In celebration of precocious schoolchildren interview essays on teachers everywhere, last year we brought you the funniest kids test answers the Internet had to offer. Why Homework Is Bad Are you a kid who hates funny kid homework answers essay about the picture of dorian gray homework. What's a burp? My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me. Some are smarter than others. Here we go… 1. Funny Jokes …frustrated? trapped? bad mood? My boss asked me to do her kid’s homework. Features a searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative websites; links to online texts, newspapers, and magazines It’s five answers to five questions. You know those Unfortunate Names — Embarrassing First Names, Embarrassing Middle …. I hope these jokes make you laugh, happy and free from stress! The most messed up ones are the ones the teachers …. I’m a why do i want to become a teacher essays receptionist, and dissertation service uk although I have a cordial relationship. But sometimes the kids that are considered the least smart are actually funny kid homework answers Development of business plan the smartest of all. If you happen to be one ap spanish exam essays of those who think barclays order a paper statement that brain teasers can be fun, the funny riddles given below are meant for you Want to spend the afternoon solving riddles with your children? What happens when a father, alarmed by his 13-year-old daughter's nightly workload, tries to do her homework for a week. Check out the answers to all your health questions Funny Things Kids Say & Do "What's the Difference?" Science Teacher: "What How to start an introduction paragraph for an essay is the difference between electricity and lightning?" Student: "We don't have to pay for. Well I am one! Homework should be banned. We value excellent academic writing and strive to provide outstanding paper writing service each and every time you place an order. Rate this poem. Answers 25 Funniest Questions on Yahoo! A Funny School Poem for Kids. Answers Funny and Crazy Pictures. Some researchers are urging schools to take a fresh look at homework and its potential for improving student performance. Why do I have a belly button? A good funny riddle is one that provides yo. 25 Funniest Questions on Yahoo! funny kid homework answers

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