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An Essay On The Duties Of Man Analysis Meaning

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Nowadays, as women and men have to work full time, household duties should be equally divided

Nowadays, as women and men have to work full time, household duties should be equally divided. Do you agree or disagree?

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People have different views about whether or not men and women should have equal respons.
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['also', 'besides', 'if', 'so', 'thus', 'well', 'while', 'for example', 'for instance', 'i think', 'in conclusion']

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Participles: 0.0381679389313 0.0403219363162 95% => OK
Conjunctions: 3.16385438636 2.80592935109 113% => OK
Infinitives: 0.0267175572519 0.0326786765898 82% => OK
Particles: 0.00763358778626 0.00163938923432 466% => Too many particles.
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Chars per sentence: 70.272 93.4120437189 75% => OK
Words per sentence: 11.424 15.2821509519 75% => OK
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Elegance: 1.71212121212 1.69127372897 101% => OK

Coherence and Cohesion:
Essay topic to essay body coherence: 0.161408697938 0.332604825255 49% => More coherence wanted between essay topic and essay body.
Sentence sentence coherence: 0.128417514806 0.102734651613 125% => OK
Sentence sentence coherence SD: 0.0907071944499 0.0668474354756 136% => OK
Sentence paragraph coherence: 0.602775710297 0.534917948617 113% => OK
Sentence paragraph coherence SD: 0.141005379955 0.148666948902 95% => OK
Sentence topic coherence: 0.0765382674925 0.13441755203 57% => OK
Sentence topic coherence SD: 0.0754018115354 0.0742828286743 102% => OK
Paragraph paragraph coherence: 0.278968484734 0.324241079732 86% => OK
Paragraph paragraph coherence SD: 0.102782123628 0.0640056729886 161% => OK
Paragraph topic coherence: 0.13249803466 0.22793763319 58% => OK
Paragraph topic coherence SD: 0.102347716427 0.0582452615562 176% => OK

Task Achievement:
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Positive topic words: 6.0 5.88977955912 102% => OK
Negative topic words: 1.0 2.60220440882 38% => More negative topic words wanted.
Neutral topic words: 2.0 2.00200400802 100% => OK
Total topic words: 9.0 10.493987976 86% => OK

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On Duties, Similarities and Differences Essay

On Duties, Similarities and Differences Essay | Essay On Duties, Similarities and Differences

Summary: A short essay about Cicero's "On Duties." Discusses the duty of the individual to the state.

On Duties, Similarities and Differences

Ethical politics in the time that Cicero's piece, Duties of the Individuals to the State demonstrates similar, yet some different views on ethical politics today. Cicero, in his essay, emphasized different qualities than would be emphasized today. He also accentuated some similar practices in modern government.

There are three major similarities that Cicero presents in his composition. First, a man must be able to single out the guilty from the innocent. "And it is a great man's duty. to single out the guilty for punishment, to spare the many, and in every turn of fortune to hold true and honorable course." (Paragraph 10). This statement can be branched out into court houses when the judge is a great man who must be able to analyze and determine the culpable from the lawful. Second, to keep the good of the people in view. The government.

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Comprehensive Essay on the Duties of a Teacher

Comprehensive Essay on the Duties of a Teacher

Since a teacher is a backbone of the society in a democratic country, there is a need for the teacher development. An ideal teacher must possess all the qualities of a teacher, guides, administrator, Guru-both internal and external, advisor, and a helper to the students as well as to the society. Mini society looks towards him as a saver of society, human values. As such teacher's development attracts the attention of all concerned.

Now-a-days in a democratic set up and socialistic society of the country the teacher is known as a pillar of the social building. The very foundation of the enormous society is the teacher and as such there is a need for a well developed teacher. The educationists are developing a system for the training of the teacher who is responsible for the all-round development of the students. Teachers are to be trained at all level of the society and the school i.e. primary, secondary and senior secondary level.

A teacher must have his own personal characteristics. Since he is the backbone of the social order, he is not an ordinary person. He should be a man of high talent, calibre, honest, liar worker, diligent, resourceful and above all he must represent/possess all the human values like truth, non-violence and secular in character and love for all. He must look like a teacher and capable of developing the personally of the students.

A teacher must develop his professional/ occupational social activities. There is respect of the teaching profession known as noble profession. A teacher is needed to be developed as a professional teacher or a person in teaching profession. It means a person, selected as a teacher must develop his professional personality. It needs wide training, experience and love to the profession.

The teachers are being trained at different levels before their selection for the teaching profession. There are training institutes for the Primary; Secondary, Graduate and Post-Graduate level i.e. Nursery, II.T.r, B.Ed. Br. L.r. Med. etc. Teachers who are in service also provide in such training, seminars, refresher- course, and special course for the deaf-dumb, handicapped etc. Teachers are also given practical training and guidance by the training centres etc.

Training for the teachers are being provided through different institutions, such, institution for better education, technical education, college and university being special cell or section for teacher training like II.T.r. in a center where teachers are trained for Primary, M.I.I.r. for nursery and other vocational courses beside teachers/professional courses at all India level by universities-L.r.-B.r. B.Ed. M.Ed. etc. Some have regional language also; others have English as the language for institution. There are correspondence courses as well.

Duties of the Teachers

(a) He should plan the curriculum as a whole. The syllabus in the subject he teaches and divides the syllabus in the monthly and weekly units.

(b) He should plan the use of audio-visual and other teaching aids.

(c) He should plant the time-table and the actual class work according to the time schedule.

(d) He should plan all the co-curricular activities to be organized during the session.

Teaching is the first and foremost duty. It is his duty to have a proper knowledge of the subject which they teach, study and practice the latest techniques of teaching, silent the learning material, manage the duty routine and procedure of teaching and motivate the students to learn. He should give sufficient and adequate homework and make regular correction of written work. He has to direct co curricular activities and look to the all round development of the child.

(a) He or she has to organize various curricular and co curricular activities.

(b) He has to organize the school plant and a scheme of the school campus make sitting arrangement, maintain equipment, distribute furniture and pay attention to the sanitation of the surroundings.

(c) He has to organise like works of the pupils.

(d) Organization of syllabus classification of pupils.

(e) Construction of time-table and assignment of work.

A teacher has to supervise the work of die pupil. She should ensure regular attendance and regular work and detect irregularities. He has to check the practical work, written work and supervise study by the pupils. He has to maintain discipline and order in die school. He has to supervise games and other activities of the pupils. He may have to supervise work of the pupil in hostel.

The teacher has to guide the students in a number of matters. He has to guide them in the proper selection of subjects and their studies. He shall have to recognise the personality strength and weakness of his pupils and adjust his own attitude and behaviour that he is able to motivate the students to work. He has to give the guidance to the backward and slow learners. He has to guide and adopt remedial measures of the measures of the delinquent's abnormal and mal-adjusted children. In brief, educational; vocational and personal guidance is an essential part of the teacher's duty.

He has to keep records of the work of the pupils and their day by day participation in activities. He has to record their admission, attendances, fees and funds etc. He has to help the office in maintaining certain school records such as stalk of furniture, issue of furniture, supply of equipments, results, scholarships, and admissions and withdraws records etc.

A teacher is accepting not only to educate but also evaluate the achievements of the pupils from time to time diagnose, weaknesses and spot light brightness. For this purpose he has to conduct, honest, tax late marks, determine policies of promotion and prepare result.

(8) Maintaining Relations:

To know die children teacher should have close relationship with die children and this close relationship teacher should have good relation with parents. By doing this the teacher should understand parents and family. It is very easy for the teacher to understand the child and his problems and make a child healthy persons. According to the modern time it is the duty of the teacher that he teaches the parents as well as the students for this he should participate in Parents Teacher Association (PTA); meeting.

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