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Demonetization Essay

Demonetization of Currency - Merits and Demerits

Demonetization of currency means discontinuity of the particular currency from circulation and replacing it with a new currency. In the current context it is the banning of the 500 and 1000 denomination currency notes as a legal tender.

The government’s stated objective behind the demonetization policy are as follows; first, it is an attempt to make India corruption free. Second it is done to curb black money, third to control escalating price rise, fourth to stop funds flow to illegal activity, fifth to make people accountable for every rupee they possess and pay income tax return. Finally, it is an attempt to make a cashless society and create a Digital India.

There is a background to the current decision of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes. The government has taken few steps in this direction much before its November 8, 2016 announcement.

As a first step the government had urged people to create bank accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana. They were asked to deposit all the money in their Jan Dhan accounts and do their future transaction through banking methods only.

The second step that the government initiated was a tax declaration of the income and had given October 30, 2016 deadline for this purpose. Through this method, the government was able to mop up a huge amount of undeclared income.

However, there were many who still hoarded the black money, and in order to tackle them; the government announced the demonetization of 500 and 1000 currency notes.

The demonetization policy is being seen as a financial reform in the country but this decision is fraught with its own merits and demerits.

Merits of Demonitisation

The demonetization policy will help India to become corruption-free. Those indulging in taking bribe will refrain from corrupt practices as it will be hard for them to keep their unaccounted cash.

This move will help the government to track the black money. Those individuals who have unaccounted cash are now required to show income and submit PAN for any valid financial transactions. The government can get income tax return for the income on which tax has not been paid.

The move will stop funding to the unlawful activities that are thriving due to unaccounted cash flow. Banning high-value currency will rein in criminal activities like terrorism etc.

The ban on high value currency will also curb the menace of money laundering. Now such activity can easily be tracked and income tax department can catch such people who are in the business of money laundering.

This move will stop the circulation of fake currency. Most of the fake currency put in circulation is of the high value notes and the banning of 500 and 1000 notes will eliminate the circulation of fake currency.

This move has generated interest among those people who had opened Jan Dhan accounts under the Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana. They can now deposit their cash under this scheme and this money can be used for the developmental activity of the country.

The demonetization policy will force people to pay income tax returns. Most of the people who have been hiding their income are now forced to come forward to declare their income and pay tax on the same.

Even though deposits up to Rs 2.5 lakh will not come under Income tax scrutiny, individuals are required to submit PAN for any deposit of above Rs 50,000 in cash. This will help the income tax department to track individuals with high denominations currency.

The ultimate objective is to make India a cashless society. All the monetary transaction has to be through the banking methods and individuals have to be accountable for each penny they possess. It is a giant step towards the dream of making a digital India. If these are the merits, there are demerits of this policy as well.

Demerits of Demonitisation

The announcement of the demonization of the currency has caused huge inconvenience to the people. They are running to the banks to exchange, deposit or withdraw notes. The sudden announcement has made the situation become chaotic. Tempers are running high among the masses as there is a delay in the circulation of new currency.

It has deeply affected business. Due to the cash crunch, the entire economy has been made to come to a standstill.

Many poor daily wage workers are left with no jobs and their daily income has stopped because employers are unable to pay their daily wage.

The government is finding it hard to implement this policy. It has to bear the cost of printing of the new currency notes. It is also finding it difficult to put new currency into circulation. The 2000 rupees note is a burden on the people as no one likes to do transaction with such high value currency. Some critics think it will only help people to use black money more easily in future.

Further, many people have clandestinely discarded the demonetized currency notes and this is a loss to the country’s economy.


Economists are busy in listing out many more merits and demerit of this policy. The government is saying that there are only advantages of demonetization policy and this will be seen in the long term. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who is a noted economist, former RBI governor and former Finance Minister of the country, dubs the demonetization move as an 'organized loot and legalized plunder'.

However, if we compare the merits verses demerits, it will be safe to conclude that the former outweighs the latter.

Even though there is suffering and agony among the masses right at the moment but the forecast is that its benefits will be seen in the long run.

The government is taking all the necessary steps and actions to meet the currency demand and soon the trial and tribulations of the people will be over with the smooth flow of the new currency.

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Characteristics of Milton - s Poetry: Merits and Demerits

Characteristics of Milton’s Poetry: Merits and Demerits

1. Literary Position

Shakespeare and Milton are two poets of England who are head and shoulders above the rest of the age to which they belong to the age of Elizabeth or the age of the first Romantic movement in English literature.

Shakespeare was the dramatist and the poet of universal humanity; and Milton, was the epic poet and the poet of Puritan England. Milton however suffers a great deal from needless comparison with Shakespeare. People usually praise Shakespeare and so they hope to find in the latter’s poetry the same gaiety and variety, the same breadth of view and depth of insight that they get from Shakespeare. Though nobody can call in question the greatness of Milton, yet it is not possible for him to satisfy the very highest demand made upon him.

2. Milton’s Scholarship

Possessed of a daring and sublime imagination, he is one of the most learned poets of England. He studied all the literary masterpieces of ancient Greece and Rome. He was equally acquainted with the contemporary literatures of Italy, England, and Spain. He appropriated the thoughts of his predecessors more than any other poet. His poems are exquisitely rich in beautiful classical allusions. He illustrated and decorated his ideas by borrowing from the Bible to an extent which it is difficult to measure.

3. Milton’s Sublimity

Sublimity is the only word that can truly characterise Milton’s poetry. Even in his early poems, such as the Ode on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity, there is an unmistakable touch of the sublime. The constitutional sublimity of Paradise Lost is the greatest feature of the poem. Here Immensity communes with Infinity. It overwhelms us by the vastness of its conception. It transcends our imagination and experience. The subject-matter of this superhuman drama is the fate of Man. The time is Eternity; the space is Infinity, and the actors are God, the Angels and the primitive man. Milton’s poetry has the roaring of the ocean in it. Other poets have given us more beauty, more philosophy and more romance, but none has given us such sublime things as Milton.

4. Milton’s Imagination

The next aspect of Milton’s poetry is revealed in the quality of his imagination. It ranges freely over heaven and earth; it makes the invisible concrete and visible.

5. Milton’s Love ofBeauty

Milton was possessed of a keen sense of beauty. He loved beauty in all its forms. He was deeply sensitive to the beauties of external nature; the two poems L’Allegro, II Penseroso testify to his love of nature. He was a lover of art and music. “Nowhere is Milton’s love of beauty better displayed than in the early poems, L’Allegro, II Penseroso, Comus and Lycidas. They have all the freshness and charm of youth, and exhibit the lighter and more fanciful side of Milton’s genius.”

6. Milton’s Classicism

Closely wrought in Puritanism, there is in Milton’s nature a strong bent for classicism, which is pagan and sensuous. He was a keen student of the ancient classics, and drank deep at the springs of the classical learning. He wrote Latin prose as freely as he wrote English. He chose classical forms of poetry to express himself-epic (Paradise Lost). the Greek tragedy (Samson Agonistes) the pastoral elegy (Lycidas) and the ode (Ode on the Nativity of Christ). His style was built, conscious or unconsciously on the classical models.

7. Milton’s Seriousness

Milton from his very boyhood was a man of a very serious bent of mind. He always thought his life to be a dedicated one. He lived with the consciousness of being ever in the awful presence of God. Every thought and every act of his life was influenced by such consciousness. To him life was real and earnest, and not “a dream by an idiot.” It is for this reason that Milton’s poetry has always a touch of seriousness in it.

8. Milton’s Spiritual Import

The distinctive feature of Milton’s poetry is its spiritual quality. His intense godliness found its expression through his poetry. Like the needle of the mariner’s compass which always points to the north pole, Milton’s thoughts and actions always pointed to God. He always felt that he was living under the eye of his loving Taskmaster. All his writings have a deep religious undertone. To spend an hour with Milton is to feel the living presence of God. Paradise Lost was written to justify the ways of God to man.

9. Blend of Ancient and Modern Art

Like Milton the man, Milton the poet also is a meeting point of contradictory elements. He was a Puritan, but had the polish and chivalry of a Cavalier. He was a great hater of tyranny, but had all the ornamental qualities of a Royalist. His opinions were democratic, but his tastes were those of an aristocrat. Similarly, in his poetry, we find the simplicity and romantic richness of modern art. His Adam, Eve and Satan are simple and majestic epic characters, but the dress, style and illustrations have the splendour, complexity and subtlety of modern art.

10. Milton’s Picturesqueness

Milton has an extraordinary power of drawing wonderful and vivid pen pictures. His descriptions of scenes and events are so impressive that it is difficult to forget them. He seldom goes into details; but with a few strokes of his mighty and magic pen draws a vast impressionistic picture.

11. The grand style of Milton

Milton’s style has been called the ‘grand style’ because it has always an unmistakable stamp of majesty in it. It has not ‘the voice of the sea’ as Wordsworth says, but it has an elevating effect on the reader. The subject of Milton’s poetry is always lofty; even when he speaks of common things, he elevates them to lofty heights. Coleridge defines poetic style as ‘the best words in the best order.’ Milton’s style, more than that of any other poet, fully justifies this definition. Matthew Arnold says: “In the sure and flawless perfection of his rhythm and diction, he is as admirable as Virgil or Dante, and in this respect he is unique amongst us. None else in English literature possesses the like distinction.”

1. Want of Human Interest

The most glaring defect which strikes even a careless reader of Milton’s poetry is its want of human interest. We do not find in his poetry any sweet and homely picture of this ordinary work-a-day world where we live and move, love and hate, quarrel and struggle. The greatness of an art lies in its nearness to human life; but in this respect, Milton’s poetry is hopelessly deficient.

This is another conspicuous defect of Milton’s poetry. The intense seriousness of his mind did not allow him to indulge in humour of any kind. Moreover, in breadth of views, in sympathy for man which are essential conditions of true humour, Milton was sadly deficient.

3. Want of the Element of Love

Another serious defect of Milton’s poetry is the absence from it of the element of love. His Puritanism is largely at the root of it. Though there has been scarcely any son of Adam who has not been at some time or the other tempted by a daughter of Eve, their parents in Milton’s poem do not indulge in love-making.

4. Involved Diction and Complex Construction

Milton’s love of digressions, ellipses, inversions, Latinism, involutions, etc. make his sentences often gnarled in structure and their meaning often obscure. His long drawn similes, profusion of allusion, proneness to unnecessary elaboration sometimes torture his readers and make the reading of his poetry a laborious intellectual exercise.

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