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List of places in Karachi

List of places in Karachi

This is a list of all the Notable places in Karachi City and its surrounding tourism attractions.

* National Museum of Pakistan
* Pakistan Air Force Museum
* Pakistan Maritime Museum

Monuments and memorials

* Mohatta Palace
* Merewether Memorial Tower
* Teen Talwar
* Jehangir Kothari Parade

* Mazar-e-Quaid
* Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mausoleum

* Sindh High Court
* Sindh Assembly Hall
* Karachi Port Trust ("Old building")
* Governor House

* Hindu Gymkhana
* Jinnah Courts
* Quaid-e-Azam House
* Wazir Mansion

* Beach View Park
* Bagh Ibne Qasim
* Boat Basin Park
* Safari Park
* Askari park
* Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Park
* Karachi Zoological Gardens
* Fatima Jinnah ladies Park
* Aquat Park
* Jauhar Park
* Taleemi Bagh
* Bi amma Park
* Jheel Park
* Hill Park
* Molai Park
* Kokan Park
* Bagh at Mazar-e-Quaid

Water Parks, Amusement parks and resorts

*APNA Water Warld
*Dream World Family Resort
*Aladdin Amusement Park
*Sindbad Amusement Park
*Feasta Water Park
*Sunway Lagoon Water Park
*Water World park
*Samzu Water Park
*Siddiquians Water Park

Main Markets & Shopping centers

* Bohri Bazar
* Bolton Market
* Chanti Lane
* Empress Market
* Hyderi Market
* Jama Cloth Market
* Jodia Bazar
* Kaghzi Bazar
* Kapra Market
* KDA Market Gushan e Iqbal
* Khadda Market
* Khori Garden
* Liaquat Market, Malir.
* New Liaquat Market, (Goal) Malir.
* Meena Bazar. Karimabad
* Saddar
* Sarafa Bazar
* Shamama Gulistan-e-Jauhar
* Tariq Road
* Zainab Market
* Zamzama, Clifton

Hotels & Guest Houses

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* [http://www.avari.com/avaritower/aboutus.htm Avari Towers ]
* [http://www.avari.com/beachkarachi/aboutus.htm Beach Luxury ]
* Carlton Hotel, DHA Phase-VIII
* [http://www.embassyinn.com.pk/ Embassy Inn ]
* [http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/khipk-karachi-marriott-hotel/ Marriott Hotel ]
* Hotel Mehran
* [http://www.pchotels.com/ Pearl Continental ]
* [http://www.ramada.com/Ramada/control/Booking/check_avail?areaCode=CW4IS&brandCode=RA&searchWithinMiles=25&areaType=1&destination=Karachi&stateName=N/A&state=NA&countryName=Pakistan&country=PK&checkInDate=&numberAdults=1&numberRooms=1&checkOutDate=&numberChildren=0&rateName=Best%20Avail&rate=000&variant=&id=25422&propBrandId=RA&force_nostay=true Ramada Plaza - Airport Hotel ]
* [http://www.rphcc.com/home.html Regent Plaza Hotel & Convention Center ]
* [http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=448 Sheraton Hotel & Towers ]
* [http://www.sofiteltower.com/ Sofitel Towers ]

Food streets / restaurants

* Bar-B-Q Tonite
* Biryani Center
* Boat Basin Food Street
* Burns Road Food Street
* Dominos Pizza
* Hussainabad Food Street
* Lal Qila
* Lasania
* McDonald
* Mela
* Pizza Hut
* Port Grand Food Street, Native Jetty Bridge
* Student Biryani
* The Revolving Restaurant, 16th floor, Caesars Tower.
* The Village

* Arabian Sea Country Club
* [http://arena.net.pk/contact-us.php The Arena ] (Bowling Alley, Ice Rink, Golf, Etc.) Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Main Karsaz.
* Area 51 Bowling Club
* Beach View Club
* City Sports Complex
* Creek Club DHA Phase-VII
* Defence Authority Club
* Golf Club Sea View DHA Phase-VIII
* Hockey Club of Pakistan
* KCCA Cricket Ground
* KPT Sports Complex
* Karachi Club
* Karachi Golf Club
* Karachi Gymkhana
* Marina Club DHA Phase-VII
* National Stadium
* Peoples Football Stadium
* PAF Golf Club, Base Rafiqui Shorkot
* PIA Squash Complex
* Sindh Club
* Sunset Club DHA Phase-IV
* UBL Sports Complex
* Women Sports Complex

* Port Fountain
* Clifton Fish Aquarium

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8 of the most Russian places in Russia

8 of the most 'Russian' places in Russia

We have selected these sites for their historical significance, cultural and religious heritage and natural legacy. All of these places made the list for being symbols that exemplify the Russian soul and spirit.

1. Veliky Novgorod

A great place to check out early Russian historical legacy and religious heritage.

This serene provincial city was once the capital of an early Russian state and one of Europe’s largest cities. It was also one of the few Russian settlements that were never conquered by the Mongols, making it a symbol of Russian resistance to outside domination. Approximately 50 medieval and early modern churches also survive.

2. Vladimir

A great place to contemplate Russia’s long history and learn more about its ancient architectural achievements.

One of Russia’s medieval capitals, Vladimir today is a highlight of the Golden Ring tourist route. The city features numerous 12 th -century white monuments, which are testaments to the endurance of the Russian state, as they survived a brutal incursion by an invading Mongol-Tatar army in 1238.

3. Moscow’s Red Square and Kremlin

A great place to admire the beauty of Russia’s capital and largest city.

There is no greater Russian symbol than this famous square and ancient fortress with its magnificent gates, lofty domes and famed clocktower. Until the founding of St. Petersburg the Kremlin was the country’s paramount religious center and home of Russia’s Great Prince. St. Basil’s Cathedral, overlooking Red Square, is perhaps Russia’s most recognizable symbol. The square is considered the capital’s center – and the country’s heart – as all of the city’s old major roads originate here.

4. Kizhi Pogost

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What is more symbolic of Russia than isolation and ingenuity? This 17th century site speaks to both. Located in the middle of Lake Onega, this island contains three large structures: A bell tower and two large wooden churches, with one of them standing 37 meters tall and featuring 22 domes. Not one nail was used in any of these constructions, which have shown remarkable longevity, despite the use of rather simple materials.

5. Lake Baikal

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The world’s largest freshwater lake is a symbol of the natural bounty and splendor of Siberia. The deepest lake in the world at 5,387 feet, it is also among the world’s clearest and oldest – some estimate that it is more than 25 million years old. The lake’s biodiversity is unparalleled: Thousands of plants and animals reside here that can be found nowhere else on Earth, including the rare freshwater Baikal seal, the omul and the endangered Baikal sturgeon.

6. 'The Motherland Calls' statue

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One of Russia’s most famous statues is a testament to the country’s suffering and sacrifice during World War II. It was here in today’s Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) that the Soviet Army defeated Nazi forces and turned the tide of the war. Atop a hill overlooking the city, this statue pays tribute to the more than one million total casualties inflicted on the Red Army during the war’s bloodiest battle.

7. 'Worker and Kholkoz Woman' statue

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Perhaps no monument captures the symbolism of the great experiment that was the Soviet Union. This statue, which can be found near the entrance to VDNKh Park in northern Moscow, was designed for the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. This sculpture is perhaps best known to Western audiences today as the logo of Mosfilm, Russia’s largest film studio.

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Throughout history Russia has had its back to the wall and Borodino is one of its most famous examples. The bloodiest day of the Napoleonic Wars, the battle has taken on great importance in the Russian psyche since it featured in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. While a slaughter, Tolstoy describes the battle as a moral victory for Russia as its soldiers came together to defeat what had been considered an invincible army.

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Old Town San Diego

PURPOSE. The purpose of this presentation is to show the history behind Old Town San Diego. The information that will be presented will demonstrate the significance and beauty of this old place to California and the rest of the United States of America

INTRODUCTION. Old Town San Diego is believed to be the birthplace of one of the most developed states in the US. California. The original habitants of

this place were the Native Indian Americans but during the 17th century. Spaniards colonized this area Throughout the presentation. I would be citing different information on how this quaint place became historically and culturally significant for the American people

History of Old Town San Diego

First inhabited by Kumeyaay

Colonized by the Spaniards in 1769

In 1968. it was established as a State Historic Park by the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation

Casa De Aguirre

Casa De Bandini

Church of Immaculate Conception

Old Town San Diego Attractions

Casa De Estudillo

Whaley House Museum Complex

El Campo Santo Cemetery

Old Adobe House

Events at Old Town San Diego

4th of July 1800s

Heritage County Park Activities

Old Town San Diego Art Festival

Old Town Saturday Market

Annual Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo

Places to Dine at Old Town San Diego

El Agave Tequileria

Karachi Shares Innumerable Secrets English Literature Essay

Karachi Shares Innumerable Secrets English Literature Essay

Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015

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Contrariwise to an outsider of Karachi, the city remains elusive, even if it welcomes them. But for those Karachiites who has moved somewhere else, even many years after their visit, the only thing I can say with certainty is that Karachi stays on you, the city keeps seeping in from underneath tightly shut doors in memory.

"It's a dead city" If Karachiites who go to other fellow cities don't utter these clichéd discourses about the place, then they probably are not Karachiites to the heart.

The above is just what I said when I had to visit a neighboring city with my family, though it was for only a couple of weeks. "It's not worth living in" would be the discussion my brother and I would have time and again. The fact that the roads were almost empty after 11pm, the shops would close early and that people were a little too casual was unbearable for us.

Even the most beautiful love story of my life began, many years ago in the early 70′s, here in this city of lights. It was a meeting of two disparate souls, their paths forever altered by a chance encounter. My Mom and Dad met in Karachi a day before my father was to return to his family in other city. Little did he know that a woman, who introduced herself as owner of the biggest cinema in Karachi, would leave such an impact. What happened in those moments will forever remain a romantic mystery, as it should.

When I was still very little my parents used to take me to the sea shore of the city; I don't remember much about it, I was probably too young, but one thing I do remember is their love for the sea transmitting into me. I remember how enigmatic and fascinating each and every wave seemed to me back then and how strongly it affected my sense of esthetics.

And now, after quite many years, one day I stopped at a seaside restaurant with friends. Lights shone all across the water that harbors those restaurants. We spent quite some time trying to capture it in photographs, but there is something to such scenes that cannot be caged inside pixels.

That part of the Arabian Sea was so communicating at that moment. All I could think at that very moment was how anyone could bear living right next to something so powerful, so beautiful. How were people not driven into frenzy by the sea as it crashed endlessly on the shore? Or maybe they were.

It was then when I began to recollect how my grandfather used to tell me about our favorite city. He frequently used to mention that in the initial days after partition, Karachi was a beacon of hope and opportunity for migrants who came from far and wide.

He often expressed that Karachi was once a city of dreams where everybody, irrespective of race, color or creed had the opportunity of prosperity and success and an upward social mobility through perseverance and hard work. Whoever you were and wherever you came from in pursuit of your dreams, you were received eagerly by this magnificent and truly metropolitan city.

His earliest flashes of memory were of a beautiful city by sandy beaches, a city which never went to sleep and seemed to pulsate round the clock, unlike any other urban center in the country. Its sea breeze-cooled-evenings, scented by raat ki rani, were the stuff of poetry.

Its famed night life was not only for the rich but was accessible to the middle class too, my Grandfather articulated. Yes, any bustling metropolis in the Third World won't be without its share of the poverty-stricken. But Karachi somehow managed to fold the poor in its embrace. Rarely did anyone sleep hungry.

Karachi was the country's entertainment capital; I could feel my grandfather's enriched tone while he revealed this. The city had over five hundred cinemas; over three dozen night clubs, numerous bars, a well maintained race course and what are still perhaps some of the finest natural beaches in the region. Other favorite spots were the Kemari fishing harbor. It was in the 1970s that the city's famous crabbing scene was first urbanized in Kemari.

By the late 1960s tourism as an industry in Karachi was flourishing, so much so that in 1972 the government created the country's first dedicated tourism ministry and department, with their main offices situated in Karachi.

He used to remark those chai khanas and eateries from good old days. Cafes appeared ordinary yet inviting from outside but this was not the only case once you enter. You could instantly connect with those places. Tiny chairs, white topped tables, polite waiters, small teapots and a nostalgic display of cutlery.

Special mention among all those cafes was the one at Lasbella. He specified that this particular café was the hub of all the writers and poets of that time. Coffee house at M.A. Jinnah road and P.I.D.C 's paan was my grandfather and his friend's favorite and a must go on every night out.

Social Life was pretty fast, and I believe it still is. In Karachi there is a blend of culture from all the provinces of Pakistan which makes it special. People in Karachi love to celebrate events, setting aside all the differences in cast and color.

Karachi was a great place to bring up one's children, my Grandfather expounded. People loved the old trams that trundled along from Empress Market to Kemari from where they would then hop into a sailboat that took them to the attractive picnic spots of Sandspit and Hawksbay.

There weren't many cars but one still caught an infrequent glimpse of them roaring down Victoria Road. Chevrolet was the king during the fifties and sixties, right up to the early seventies, the Chevy Belairs and then the Impalas were the most popular of all cars.

Those were the days when no citizen of this state ever thought of migrating to Britain or United States. Men, women and children could walk the streets of the city till late at night and no one would bother them, my grandfather told me. In fact, what he missed most about the Karachi of the late '50s and early '60s was the spirit of tolerance, secularism and open-mindedness that existed. There was also decency and graciousness.

I, myself have often felt that big cities, with their tall buildings and short tempers, are all alike at some level. However, this city will retain one quality, a certain aspect of character, that will be wholly its own. I recognize this in the almost delirious passion the people of Karachi seem to have for their city, in the way their love seems to grow in times of misfortune.

Karachi is known informally as the city of lights. But fast forward to several decades later, now Karachi has aged tremendously. It is no longer considered a starry-eyed child nurtured by determination.

There are Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pakhtoon. All political parties own them all, talk about them and they are still on their agenda. But whenever their activists are killed, they hijack their home city, closing all roads. They leave us Karachiites stranded by seizing the petrol pumps, and shut down markets turning a deaf ear to our shouts of misery.

And yet, Karachiites keep walking, with bruised knees and scraped ankles, loving their city more and more every day. I do know, however, the slight envy of someone (read: me) who has not owned a city in such an unconditional way.

It's a common mind set of people that we constantly think what's wrong with our country/city but we never try and appreciate what we are blessed with. Why this city is so unloved by some when it embraces all? If only for a change we healed Karachi with the vigor with which we plunder it.

As Bertrand Russell says:

'The road, I fear, is long. But that is no reason for losing sight of the ultimate hope.'

Karachi, as I see it, is the forefront city, economic hub and the identity of Pakistan. All good old chattels of the city, about which my grandfather had told me, I believe their essence is still the same. And I am certain that I have as much good memories of the Karachi city, as my Grandfather had. Hopefully when I would convey the next generation about my beloved city, with a little bit of determination they are going to be proud on being a Karachiitie, as much proud as I am.

By: Dr. Sana Akhtar

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