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Traditional Hutsul Wedding in Western Ukraine

Traditional Hutsul Wedding in Western Ukraine
  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

  • © RIA Novosti. Alexei Furman

    Members of the Hutsul ethnic group in western Ukraine continue to observe their traditions. RIA Novosti has compiled a photo essay of a traditional Hutsul wedding.
    Photo: Newlyweds from the village of Kosmach in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region of Ukraine.

    Members of the Hutsul ethnic group in western Ukraine continue to observe their traditions. RIA Novosti has compiled a photo essay of a traditional Hutsul wedding.

    Members of the Hutsul ethnic group in western Ukraine continue to observe their traditions. RIA Novosti has compiled a photo essay of a traditional Hutsul wedding.

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    Other articles

    VIEW: Examples of Photo Essays

    VIEW: Examples of Photo Essays

    Let's look at a few examples of some photo essays. Each photo essay has a message that it is trying to portray. The photos are consistent and tell a story.

    "What the World Eats"

    The following photo essay is titled "What the World Eats." It is a series of 16 images that portray families from around the world and how much food that family would eat within a week.

    THIS photo essay is titled "Horses." The photographer shows his love of horses by depicting a day in the life of taking care of a horse.

    "The World's Most Spectacular Roads"

    The following photo essay is titled "The World's Most Spectacular Roads." This photo essay is actually a series of 20 images of beautiful roadways.

    "Banana Republic"

    The following photo essay is titled "Banana Republic." The photographer captured what it's like picking bananas in Costa Rica.

    These example photo essays are all extremely meaningful topics to the photographers. The photographers also had chances to travel places where you might not be able to go right now. When thinking of a topic for your photo essay, think about something that is meaningful to you and then document it. It could be a day in the life with your mom, or a soccer game. Pick something that has significance.

    Belyayevo: Not Your Typical Moscow Microrayon (Photo Essay)

    Belyayevo: Not Your Typical Moscow Microrayon (Photo Essay)

    With the help of Moscow-based architect and researcher Kuba Snopek, The Moscow Times takes a closer look at Belyayevo, the subject of a book about the preservation of non-tangible architectural heritage that he just released at the third Lisbon Architecture Triennial.

    Speaking to The Moscow Times, he explains that there something else that makes this place different from other "sleeping districts" as a result of the scientific and educational institutes built in the district in the 1950s and 1960s that had an effect on the social and cultural life of this neighborhood. Read more about his project here.

    Mass prefabricated housing meant that individual neighborhoods were largely identical, though there was more bubbling beneath the surface in Belyayevo. (Max Avdeev)

    "My hypothesis was, there must be some intangible element — culture, history, rituals, traditions — which would reinforce the tangible architecture. Therefore, I have been looking for a neighborhood in Moscow which would be an example of generic architecture, having a strong intangible component," said Snopek, when asked about what he found fascinating about Belyayevo.

    Located in the southwestern district of Moscow, its proximity to numerous academic institutions made the area an intercultural melting pot, uncommon for Moscow in the Soviet period. (Max Avdeev)

    The mix of cultures and intellectual activity not found elsewhere in Moscow made it a fertile ground for the arts and culture in the late-Soviet period, and it was home to many prominent artists.

    The landscape and mood of Belyayevo was a source of inspiration for artists involved in Moscow Conceptualism. (Max Avdeev)

    Snopek compares Belyayevo to Giverny, France, and its importance to French Impressionism. In the history of Russian art and the development of Moscow Conceptualism, the mood and landscape of Belyayevo was a source of inspiration for artists like Dmitri Prigov and Ilya Kabakov, artists who recently have become more popular in the West.

    Belyayevo is named after a village that once was located here, owned by infamous murderer and noblewoman Darya Saltykova (1730–1831). From the village, only the Konkovo Trinity Church, built in 1694, remains.

    Mass housing in pre-fabricated buildings made from concrete panels began during the time of Kruschev and continued under Brezhnev. the 5 to 16-storey buildings made in standardized series and uniform neighborhood plans are ubiquitous in cities of the former USSR and transformed social life greatly.

    "It's architecture is very generic, based on prefabricated series; it is visually not significant," says Snopek.

    Belyayevo was the site of an unofficial avant-garde exhibition in 1974 organized by Oscar Rabin and Yevgeny Rukhin. One of the first exhibitions of nonconformist art in the Soviet Union, it is commonly referred to as the Bulldozer Exhibition, as it was forcibly broken up by the authorities with water cannons and bulldozers because of its show of non-realist art that was forbidden during that time.

    Horse riding in Bitza Park. (YouTube)

    Belyayevo is also home to Bitza Park, which hosted equestrian events during the 1980 summer Olympic games.

    The Olympic cafe for competitors on Prospekt Vedenskogo, now replaced by residential buildings, taken during the 1980 summer Olympic games. (Evgeny Davydov /

    Footage of Belyayevo, around Ulitsa Ostrovityanova 31-41, from the Soviet film "Melody for Two Voices," based on the novel by Anatoly Afanasiev. (YouTube)

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    Ukraine photo essay pictures

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