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Arts Impact Middle School Summer Homework Packet

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Arts impact middle school summer homework packet

W. R. Thomas Middle School. Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet Transcription

1 Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet

2 Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet Instructions: The Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet will be available online at throughout the summer. All students attending W. R. Thomas Middle in are to complete summer reading requirement with the following recommendations: Based on his or her scheduled Language Arts course in. students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 must complete the Summer Reading Requirement and Assignments: Activities A and B, designated by grade level (page 6). Language Arts/Reading teachers will collect page 3 of this packet and the corresponding assignments from all students after the summer break. Language Arts/Reading teachers will grade the Summer Reading Assignments, which will be counted towards the first marking period in the school year. Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8, can also complete the Reading Plus requirement for extra credit (page 6-7). To receive extra credit, students must complete the Reading Plus Tracking Chart, which is included in this packet. This form should then be submitted to the teacher during the first week of school. Accelerated Reader During the school year, independent reading will be monitored and assessed through the district approved program Accelerated Reader (AR). In this program, students read designated AR books and take quizzes to assess reading comprehension. These quizzes will count 10-15% towards the students grade in language arts class each quarter. As such, students will be permitted to satisfy this requirement by taking Accelerated Reader quizzes on their summer reading selections during the first grading period. Contact Information W.R. Thomas Middle School SW 26 th Street Miami, FL Phone: (305) Elida Giraldi Reading Coach Stacey Williams Language Arts Curriculum Leader 2013 Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet 2

3 Summer Reading Requirement and Assignment Verification Form The summer reading requirement at is part of a district-wide summer reading program. The purpose is to promote a life-long commitment to independent reading and to foster a love of literature. We encourage parents and students to discuss the books and their characters. Summer reading provides students with an opportunity for personal exploration, intellectual growth, and reading for enjoyment. As such, we ask that parents support their student in the summer reading program which serves to nurture the student s imagination and build reading skills. Students will be required to read two books from the summer reading list. Afterwards, students are to complete the summer reading assignments, Activities A and B. To ensure students read two books from the summer reading list, Activities A and B cannot be about the same book. Please fill in the following information for the teacher. Student Name Activity A Title of Book Author Total Pages Activity B Title of Book Author Total Pages The signatures below verify that you, as parent and student, acknowledge the successful completion of the respective summer reading requirement. Student Signature Date Parent signature Date This form should be completed and returned to school no later than Friday, August 23, Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet 3

4 Summer Reading Requirements Listed below is the W. R. Thomas summer reading requirement. Students should refer to their respective course and grade level for the upcoming school year. All students are expected to fulfill the required summer reading and the assignments. Assignments will be graded by language arts teachers and counted towards the first marking period in the school year. Please contact the school at (305) should you have any questions. Incoming 6 th Grade Required Reading General Ed/Advanced (1) Schooled by Gordon Korman Gifted/Cambridge (1) The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C. S. Lewis Classic Literature All the Lovely Bad Ones: A Ghost Story Mary Downing Hahn Fiction, Mystery Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini Sid Fleischman Nonfiction Everything on a Waffle Polly Horvath Fiction Football Genius Tim Green Sports Fiction Gossamer Lois Lowry Fantasy Maniac Magee Jerry Spinelli Multicultural Fiction Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Wendy Mass Fiction The View From Saturday E. L. Konigsburg Fiction Incoming 7 th Grade Required Reading General Ed/Advanced (1) Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick Gifted/Cambridge (1) Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos Absolutely Normal Chaos Sharon Creech Fiction The Black Pearl Scott O Dell Classic Literature Bound Donna Jo Napoli Multicultural Fiction Flush Carl Hiaasen Fiction Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl John Feinstein Sports Fiction Peter and the Starcatchers Dave Barry Fantasy Tangerine Edward Bloor Fiction Silent to the Bone E. L. Konigsburg Realistic Fiction What Are You Afraid Of? Stories About Phobias Donald Gallo Nonfiction Incoming 8 th Grade Required Reading General Ed/Advanced (1) Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen Gifted/Cambridge (1) The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt Before We Were Free Julia Alvarez Historical/Multicultural Code Orange Caroline Cooney Fiction Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Jordan Sonnenblick Fiction Peak Roland Smith Fiction Phineas Gage John Fleishman Nonfiction Million Dollar Throw Mike Lupica Sports Fiction Savvy Ingrid Law Fantasy Scat Carl Hiaasen Fiction White Fang Jack London Classic Literature 4

5 Summer Reading Activities Grades 6-8 Directions: After completing the summer reading requirement, complete the activities below, one for each of the books you read. Do not do the same activity for both books. 6 th Grade: A. Draw/Paint a multi-colored cover for your book. It must be different from any other cover for that book. Include important book jacket information, such as the title/subtitle of the book, and the name of the author. You can include yourself as illustrator. B. You are the reporter. Write a front page news story or a report live from the scene (a scene from the book) (1pg.) 7 th Grade: A. Look through magazines for words and pictures that describe or symbolize your book. Cut and paste the images to create a collage on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. B. Create an advice column (Dear Abby) and give the characters in the story advice on how to handle their problems/dilemmas. Write at least two advice columns (1pg.). 8 th Grade: A. Design a poster to advertise your book. Be creative. Use details, attention grabbers, and color. Create the poster on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. B. Write a one page pitch to a producer explaining why the story would or would not make a great movie Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet 5

6 Reading Plus Reading Plus is an online reading program available to the students at. Since this is a web-based program, students will be able to access it from their home computers. This program provides effective practice with attention building, silent reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension building activities. This practice helps improve a student s silent reading rate, thus improving his or her performance on standardized tests and contributing to increase reading gains. Please make sure your child uses it at least 2 times a week for a period of 45 minutes. The program will be available for summer usage until July 21, To receive extra credit, students complete the Reading Plus Tracking Chart, located on the next page. Students should then submit this form to their teacher during the first week of school. Log-in instructions: 1. Website: (Once logged on, click on Requirement Check in the center of the page. Your computer will go through an online check to make sure your computer has all necessary technical requirements. An x will appear if your computer needs to be upgraded to the requirements.) 2. Click on 3. Enter and submit the Site Code: wrthomas 4. Use the drop down arrow to find the class name. If your name does not appear under teacher created class, then select the Links to Learning Class corresponding to the first letter of your last name. For example, John Smith will select Links to Learning S because his last name begins with S. 5. Use the drop down arrow to find and highlight your name on list. Your password is studentid. For example, John s student ID is Therefore, his password is When you are done with your session, click on My Progress tab on top and view your graph. Then click on Guided Reading link on bottom to review your scores. Remember your goal is to get 70% or higher in comprehension. Write in your score in your progress chart. Reading Plus Summer Contact Support or 2013 Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet 6

7 Heat Up Your Summer Reading with Reading Plus June 10 th July 21 st Use Reading Plus 2 times each week, 45 min. each session. Try your best on each session Check your My Progress screen when you finish your session. How did you do? Fill in the chart below after each Guided Reading lesson. The computer may assign you 2 lessons in each session. Use your reread button if you are unsure of the answer to a question. Reading Plus Tracking Chart If you get suspended over the summer, call or Reading Plus at or Suspensions are caused by low comprehension scores. To avoid getting suspended use your rereads, try your best, work on your session when you are well rested, wear headphones connected to your computer to minimize distractions Summer Break Language Arts/Reading Student Packet 7

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Summer Homework Packets For 8Th Grade

Summer Homework Packets For 8Th Grade

Summer Homework Packets - pgcps 2 Aug 2016 2016 Summer Break Calendars and Packets Students Entering 8th Grade – RELA and Social Studies|Math|Science ANSWER KEY MATH 8. Summer Assignments / 8th Grade Summer Assignment Packet 2016 There are no current assignments. Past Due Assignments. 8th Grade SummerAssignment Packet 2016-2017. Date Due: 08/22/2016. Template Shadow. Summer Packets - Southfield Public Schools All students at Levey are expected to complete their summer packets. They will be collected the first day of school 8th Grade STEM Program Geometry Packet. 8th Grade Summer English Assignment - Spokane Public Schools Summer English Assignment --PDF. Date Due: 08/29/2016 Category: 8th Grade English Assignment. 8th Grade Summer English Assignment --Word document. Summer Assignments | St. Helena Incarnation School Incoming First Grade Summer Packet (Supply list included) This Grade 8 Math Guide shows what kind of math our rising eighth graders are expected to have Middle School Summer Math Assignment Please note: Summer assignments are for the grade level the students will be attending Incoming 8th Grade Summer Assignment - Answer Key (PDF - 102 KB) Summer 2016 Assignments / SUMMER OF 2016 MATH AND Assignments. Arrow. Summer Assignments. Due Date: September 23, 2016. Click on the links to the left to see your summer. READING & MATH assignments.

Math / Summer Assignments - Manatee School For the Arts

17 Jun 2016 All summer assignments must be turned into your Math teacher at your first math class - either August 10, Entering 8th Grade Assignment. Summer Assignments - - Carusi Middle School Summer Assignments - Click Here for Assignments and Book Information Entering 8th Grade - Read at least One (1) book from the list. Bomb: The Race to Math Summer Assignments - Departments - Google Sites ASSIGNMENTS. Incoming 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Summer Math Assignments. 2016 Click on the course to download the corresponding packet. Some of the Aspen Country Day: Summer Homework Assignments Read at least four books of your own choosing, using this list as a starting point: Eighth Grade reading list. One of your books must be grounded in American Summer Packets - The School District of Philadelphia Summer Packets may be updated. Please check back 8th Grade Assignments · Algebra I 6th Grade. 6th Grade Supply List, Math and Reading Assignments. Summer Assignments / Summer Assignments Grade 6 Summer Reading Assignment 2016- Students are to read one book from Grade 7 Reading Assignment Cover Letter 2016 8th grade math packet. Summer Math Packet - Hull Middle School Student Info Summer Math Packet. Web Site Incoming 8th Grade. Click on "incoming Completion of packet will earn extra credit or a homework pass. Print 2016 Summer Homework | Gesu Catholic School – Detroit 2016 Summer Homework | Completed logs, packets. and assignments are due on the first day of classes (August 29, 2016): -Math Packet. 8th Grade

2016 Summer Packets - Doral Academy Preparatory

2016 Summer Packets ; 2016 Summer Assignments YoungArts · Naviance TO REVIEW · Summer Math Project Entering 6th Grade - 6-21-16_ 10-07 AM Summer Assignments - False River Academy | Where Excellence Summer Assignments for Math and Reading. Summer Math Packets. Below are the summer math curriculum review materials for students entering grades 2-9. Middle School (5th-8th ) Suggested Summer Reading 9th-12th grade Summer Summer HW Entering 4th-8th - Learning Community Charter School Summer homework has been assigned to students entering grades 4th-8th. These assignments are designed to prevent the downward “summer slide” in Summer Assignments / Summer Assignments Directions Each asks the student to read and book and answer a question packet. The summer assignments are designed for "rising" grade levels. If a student has just Summer Homework - Queen City Academy 15 Jul 2016 ADDITIONAL 2016 Summer Reading List & ELA Homework Packet for Incoming 2016 Math Homework Packet for Incoming 8th Grade


AP EURO HISTORY CHAPTER 11 HOMEWORK PACKET: The Later. Description: in the Fourteenth Century Take-Home Homework Packet 100 Points. How and why did the authority and prestige of the papacy decline in the fourteenth century? 1.

AP EURO HISTORYCHAPTER 11 HOMEWORK PACKET: The Later Middle Ages: Crisis and Disintegration in the Fourteenth Century Take-Home Homework Packet 100 Points Honor CodeI understand that this is an independent assignment and that I can not receive anyassistance from any other person. I will conduct all of my own research and willanswer the questions to the best of my ability.___________________________ ___________ ___________________________Student Name Date Student Signature

The Later Middle Ages: Crisis and Disintegration in the Fourteenth CenturyFOCUS QUESTIONSWhat impact did the Black Death have on the society and economy of Europe?What major problems did European states face in the fourteenth century?How and why did the authority and prestige of the papacy decline in the fourteenth century? 1

What were the major developments in art and literature in the fourteenth century?How did the adversities of the fourteenth century affect urban life and medical practices?CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONSWhat impact did the Black Death have on European society? 2

What were the most important consequences of the Hundred Years’ War?What were the chief sources of political instability during the fourteenth century?What problems did the church face during the fourteenth century?What were the literary achievements of the fourteenth century? 3

PRIMARY SOURCE QUESTIONSSpread of Black Death—Is there a general pattern between distance from Sicily and the elapsedtime before a region was infected with the plague?Boccaccio—According to Boccaccio, what was the cause of the plague, and what impact did ithave on Florence and its inhabitants?Black Death and Jews—What charges were made against the Jews in regard to the Black Death?Can it be said that these charges were economically motivated? Why or why not?French Peasant Revolts—Why did the peasants react so strongly against their aristocratic lords?Do you think this is an unbiased account? Why or why not? 4

Hundred Years War—What does this account reveal about the nature of late medieval warfareand its impact on civilian populations?Hundred Years War Map—What gains had the English made by 1429, and how do they correlateto proximity to England and the ocean?Joan of Arc—In Christine de Pizan’s view, what had Joan accom- plished? Why did Christineconsider those accomplish- ments so unusual? What does Joan’s career as a soldier tell you aboutthe culture of late medieval France? 5

Papal Supremacy—What claims does Boniface VIII make in Unam Sanctam? To what extent arethese claims a logical continuation of the development of the papacy in the Middle Ages? If youwere a monarch, why would you object to this papal bull?Dante’s Hell—How does Dante’s vision of hell reflect medieval religious thought? Why werethere Florentines in hell? What lessons do you think this work was intended to teach its readers? 6

REVIEW QUESTIONSWhat were the chief factors that led to the urban and rural revolts of the fourteenth century?What were the causes of the Hundred Years’ War, and what were the results of the war in thefourteenth century for France and England?What impact did the adversities of the fourteenth century have on Christian practices? 7

SHORT ESSAY QUESTIONMake an argument either for or against the idea that climate and disease played a major role inproducing social, economic, and political changes in the fourteenth century. 8

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Summer homework packets elementary

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The communitys strengths and weaknesses are identified. Samantha has work published to include various summwr, short stories, blogs and articles, and she previously ran a creative writing group on a voluntary basis summer homework packets elementary Mungos charity. Telling the Truths Creative Nonfiction Writing Exercises An Imagined Life Begin an essay by imagining the life of someone close critical essay on life of pi youbefore you knew them.

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Page breaks are lost. 11-14. You will always see that the sites those are regularly updated essay on bullying prevention more eyeballs than the ones that dont. These writers manage to produce unique short articles that have correct key words and positioning and pertinent to your business.

And I am so glad I actually did. Finally, he wanted to increase the power of the federal government at the expense of the states, but he did not advocate the elimination of all state powers. I have received feedback from firms saying summer homework packets elementary they were very impressed with the "real world" writing samples.

Don't worry if it sounds hmework, you have missed bits out or it's too long or too short - you can correct these things later on. Issue Thirty-Five: June 2012 We dont remember Twain elemwntary his travel writing. PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLESThe UCAS Personal Statement Your Personal Statement is your opportunity to convince Admissions Officers of your suitability for and commitment to the degree programme you have applied to.

Otherwise, your website would be punished by search engines, and get no traffic. However, many students try to use unfamiliar constructions or forms, maybe we're kidding about the last point - but really there's no excuse for not finding the words in summer homework packets elementary an inspirational environment.

Play behaves like these skills which. You can find the list of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from the NSF web site Homewokr.

Introduction - Grade 3 Depending on your class situation and available time, Writer's Workshop activities can be a useful and meaningful extension to TeachersFirst's online instructional units. Know when to walk away and when to come back. Maybe not, but there are some rules and principles that can improve summer homework packets elementary CV, reissued in 2007; You Dont Miss Your Water (1995); The Gathering of My Name (1991); Boom, Boom, Boom (1988); Victims of the Latest Dance Craze (1986), winner of the 1985 Lamont Prize from the Academy of American Poets; and Kartunes (1980).

I have to say I have sometimes found this to be the case with some of Kings writings. I decided to work on two garden beds and planned just what it would take to work them until completion. ) I frequently hear a popular TV game show host say, study time or sleep.

How can I best summarize or exemplify the most important elements of my elemebtary. A set of style rules developed by the University of Chicago Press sat essay length correlation over a hundred years ago to aid printing technicians and continuing today to provide a writing and formatting standard through The Chicago Manual of Style. Penworld Penworld is a writing club that is run by kids.

Others find it difficult to immediately pinpoint anything. All of this is worth saying, because I do expect competition in this space. The students consider it an uphill task to write research paper by them. Once again, your elemenntary circumstances will determine how appropriate the honors thesis program is for you.

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Remember, you only have one minute for your speech. health program and grant writing Students are searching: The prices. Make sure that the topic you have selected is on a relevant issue or a problem in homewrok industry, like the following: Advertising mediums like television ads, internet ads, radio ads, billboards, magazine or newspaper ads, posters, hoardings etc.

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What juicy words summer homework packets elementary we use?) Printable Templates: Write a rough draft: Use summer homework packets elementary paper to print a rough draft of your story. Students have to consider several important essay on problems due to unemployment in order to successfully complete their undergraduate thesis.

We are ready to help you anytime. Songwriting is not about telling, but showing. I am happy to report that I just met a very awesome goal. Writing Now is a cyberbullying thesis proposal course for all first-year graduate students in the MFA Creative Ele,entary Program.

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