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Essay Comparing And Contrasting Different Techniques To

Essay, Comparing And Contrasting Different Techniques To Convey The Thesis, Used In: Essay, Research Paper

Women rights, still a controversial issue in todays equal partnership world, are the thesis of both essays. Both essay state a women role in the society. My Mother Never Worked? also states if a women?s work is recognized or not. Donna Smith-Yakel, who wrote. My mother never worked. describes her mother?s as strong woman, housewife, mother and then a grandmother. I want a wife? written Judy Brady, also describes women?s role towards the household compared to man, and the opportunities they are presented with in life.

In ?My Mother Never worked. a daughter remembering her mother?s past, files for her mother?s death benefit check. Yakel is asked for details of her mother, which she proudly states was a housewife. Yakel writes this essay in slouched but indignant tone, because her mother?s work, as a housewife, is not recognized as Work by the Social Security office, as it denies her request. She writes this essay in protest of how society devalues ?women?s work.

Yakel uses a lot of dialogue, when talking to the operator at Social Security Office; this is done to bring a sense a reality to the text and appeal to readers. Yakel also takes full paragraphs (Para 12) out of her mother?s diary, to make an emotional connection between the reader and Yakel?s mother. This also helps the readers directly relate to Yakel?s mother by including dialogue that show exactly how her mother is feeling.

Yakel also describes her mother?s work in details. My town bred mother learned t set hens and raise chickens, feed pigs, milk cows. (Para 13), to make the readers recognize, appreciates and even relate to her mothers work as Yakel does. And not discard years of service and hardship towards her family, as Social Security did. For the same reason she describes the most smallest of the details from her diary. She raised a new flock of baby chicks?500?and.

Yakel also includes all the dates, especially the years, so the readers can recognize or even relate to surrounding environment. Such as in 1931 (Para 16), Yakel?s mother went through a drought, therefore people who had experiences such as this can relate to Yakel?s mother?s hardship.

Not even once, Yakel describes or tells something that her mother did for herself. This is to reinforce the message that person, who spends their whole life tending to others, is told by the society, that her work is not recognized and appreciated. Even at old age, after being paralyzed by an accident, Yakel?s mother ?From her wheelchair canned pickles, backed bread, ironed clothes??(Para 24) again reinforcing the same message.

As the flashback finishes, the operator on the other side comes back, to the phone. The Author highlights this text by including the exact dialogue that took place, therefore making a better impact on the reader. Then Yakel ends with the operator?s dialogue. Well you see?your mother never worked. (Para 32) leaving the readers in state of shock, because by this time in text, reader would probably agree with author that Yakel?s mother should be rewarded for her lifetime of struggle to keep her family in order.

Judy Brady, who is a homemaker, also heavily involved in women?s movement, wrote the second essay ?I Want a Wife. describing a wife?s job in house which could have well been her personal experience as a homemaker. Brady wrote this essay, so that society realizes that equal partnership in a home is very important for a successful marriage and a happy home. This essay was also written with a secondary thesis in line with Yakel?s essay, that even though women does so much work towards their home, they don?t get any credit from our society.

Brady, who is a wife herself, uses a sarcastic tone, saying she would like someone to tend to virtually every need of Bradys. As she mockingly describes what exactly she wants from a wife, she very successfully and effectively makes a connection with the readers, conveying the message of what was required from a woman in 1972.

Brady very effectively uses repetition. I want a wife. (Para 3), trying to drum in the thesis, and trying to change society?s attitude towards, what is classified as ?man?s job? as to ?women?s job. This also reminds the reader of their personal experiences such as I was reminded of India, where a woman role in a household is almost the exact of portrayal of Brady?s essay.

By using these techniques, Brady hopefully wants to change the view of traditional societies where a woman is considered to be no more than servant to her husband. Brady wants women to have same opportunities as men. Brady also uses pressions such as ?needless to say?(Para 3). of course?(Para 2,3,7). She does this, to show how the society automatically classifies all housework as a wife?s job.

Brady?s first and last paragraphs are very brief, which doesn?t weaken but actually increases the impact of the essay, as tries to be a short and to the point. She also uses a lot of verbs such as ?arrange?(Para 3) and ?Pickup? (Para 4) to emphasize the physical description, and that it requires hard work. This helps stub out the misconception, that housework is easy.

Although, Brady and Yakel use very different techniques in their essays, they still want to convey the message, that society should give equal opportunities to men and women. Even if a woman is a housewife, society should recognize her work and treasure it, as she is responsible for the basis of our economy?the household.

Donna Smith-Yakel. My Mother Never Worked. Patterns for College Writing 7th Edition (1997)

Judy Brady. I Want a Wife. Patterns for College Writing 7th Edition (1997)

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Upon receipt of an assignment to write an essay about my mother, the first thing that will normally occur to me is that it is a simple essay. I will start thinking that since it’s about my mother, I will have a lot of things to write about here, forgetting that any descriptive essay about a mother has a lot of things involved in it. The 500 word essay on my mother will simply be a very challenging task that I can only conquer when I work with the proper academic writing guide. This is the same thing you should do when you have such task. It is not just about the things you say about your mother in this descriptive essay that matters. I will be judged according to the format I used in structuring my mother essay in English as instructed by my lecturer or as it is obtainable in the standard essay writing field. I will also be judged according to the way I make use of the English language in the essay. My grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, sentences and your entire use of English are also an essential aspect of an essay on my mother in English .

If you have this assignment in college as your what is thesis. do not be afraid of where you will get help to write the essay. We are aware of many factors that may limit you from coming out with great essays in this regard, and we are ready to help you. Won’t you rather work with an essay writing company that will allow you to make payments with several options, and in which case, you choose the option that is better for you? Won’t you rather work with a writing company that works with professors and master degree holders? Contact us for your essay on my family in English and you will never regret it. Of course, writing on your mother is like writing about your family because there are ways you will link other members of your family to my mother essay in English. For this type of essay, you will not have to start reading volumes of books in the name of research for the topic. You already know your mother and does not need any form of case study research to garner the information to write with. The only thing you need at the moment is to know the things you should write about and the focal points of your essay. The structure of your essay should come with three main sections though some may name it four. The first section is the introduction that tells the readers what you want to do and the reason for it. The second is the thesis statement and it talks about the arguments you want to put up about your mother. The third is the body where you do the essay writing proper while the last is the conclusion where you cap all you have said about your mother in my mother essay in English. This is the general format for all descriptive essays, and with this format, you will be able to dearest your essay so that it will be easy for your readers to understand and for you lecturer to assess you easily. It is this same method that you will use for an essay on my school in English .

Things to write on my mother essay in English

When you write my mother essay in English, you should have the prompts written down so that you can just fill in the ideas under them. If you don’t have this for your essay, you will miss a lot of essential things and the essay will be difficult for you. These prompts may come in the form of questions you need to answer in the course of the essay. You may be thinking that you know much about your mother or your school until you start writing this essay without a prompt. This is when you will realize that you don’t have much information. Can you tell your mother’s favorite color? Do you know her favorite food? Have you heard about her childhood and teenage years? Do you have any idea about her dreams when she was young? Did your mother keep pets as a teenager and does she like pets now? How did she meet your dad? Is she still married or divorced? What are your mother’s hobbies, what are her interests? Does she do business, is she working or is she a housewife? Is your mother hard working? Does she do any sports? What does she relax with? What are her religious views? Is she beautiful? Do you live with your mother, and what do you enjoy doing together with your mother? When you are able to provide answers to these, then my mother essay in English is half written. If you have an mla essay format that involves a case study on your mother or a critical look at motherhood with your mother as a case, you shouldn’t panic about how to get information from your mother and about your mother. We will develop questions that will elicit what you want to hear from her for a good my mother essay in English .

Your essay should be describing your mother just as my school essay in English describes the school. Try and create an image of the woman in the minds of the readers. You should not use too many words to describe your mother. Rather, you should go the way of telling stories about her. Make use of quotes and anecdotes that explain her characteristics better. Don’t forget to talk extensively about her personality traits. The benefit of this is that it helps you to show the person to the readers and not just to tell about them. Remember that you have to express these with extreme emotions to reveal that they are coming from your inside. My mother essay in English is not a recitation; it is an expression of what your mother is, who she is and what you think about her from your experience of her. Remember, you must write this essay with the correct thesis methodology .

  • You should be very honest in writing this essay. Do not tell lies about the person you are writing about to avoid sounding fictitious.
  • Again, do not make use of flamboyant expressions that are not real. Down-to-earth, simple truthful language is the key.

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My mother never worked Essay - 1316 Words

My mother never worked


“Social Security Office.” (The voice answering the telephone sounds very self-assured.) “I’m calling about … I … my mother just died … I was told to call you and see about a … death benefit check, I think they call it …” “I see. Was your mother on Social Security? How old was she?” “Yes … she was seventy eight …”

“Do you know her number?”
“No … I, ah … don’t you have a record?”
“Certainly. I’ll look it up. Her name?”
“Smith. Martha Smith. Or maybe she used Martha Ruth Smith. … Sometimes she used her maiden name … Martha Jerabek Smith.” “If you’d care to hold on, I’ll check our records – it’ll be a few minutes.” “Yes …”

Her love letters – to and from Daddy – were in an old box, tied with ribbons and stiff, rigid-with-age leather thongs: 1918 through 1920; hers written on stationery from the general store she had worked in full-time and managed, single-handed, after her graduation from high school in 1913; and his, at first, on YMCA or Soldiers and Sailors Club stationery dispensed to the fighting men of World War I. He wooed her thoroughly and persistently by mail, and though she reciprocated all his feelings for her, she dreaded marriage …

“It’s so hard for me to decide when to have my wedding day – that’s all I’ve thought about these last two days. I have told you dozens of times that I won’t be afraid of married life, but when it comes down to setting the date and then picturing myself a married woman with half a dozen or more kids to look after, it just makes me sick. I am weeping right now – I hope that some day I can look back and say how foolish I was to dread it all.”

They married in February 1921, and began farming. Their first baby, a daughter, was born in January 1922, when my mother was 26 years old. The second baby, a son, was born in March 1923. They were renting farms; my father, besides working his own fields, also was a hired man for two other farmers. They had no capital initially, and had to gain it slowly.

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Jazmine Jones Eng. 1101 MW 12:50 MyMotherNeverWorked 4-16-11 Purpose and Audience 1. That she had a hard working mother that worked harder than people who did “work”. By exemplifying this, it shows the mother to have every right to social security benefits just like anyone else, because she indeed worked all her life. The thesis was never explicitly stated because there were enough details suggesting the purpose of this essay, therefore it was implied. 2. Yes, it could have. This essay is relatable, because everyone has a mother . Many can sympathize with this essay because we all have mothers who often work hard to provide for their families, whether they’re a stay at home mom or working a nine to five, many will agree their mothers are deserving of the death benefit. 3. Her father was able to receive the social security benefits because he “worked ”. The essay is trying to show case on her mother’s works to justify why she deserved the same rights of the death benefit as he did. 4. Yes, I think this essay is relevant today. There are many women who are stay at home moms all their lives, and work hard to deserve the death benefit, because their job is just as important and beneficial as anyone else. Style and Structure 1. Yes, the title is effective. The title is.

395 Words | 2 Pages

personal essay “MyMotherNeverWorked ”, Smith-Yackel presents us with a situation where she describes her mother as a hard working woman. She starts the essay in the present time with a phone call to a social security office. While on hold, the author reflects on how much her motherworked during her life, but after the operator returns, she informs Smith-Yackel that her motherneverworked . I was surprised when the family did not get the death benefit check. Obviously Smith-Yackel’s motherworked very hard during her life, but all her hard work was not considered “work” because she did not bring-in an income from a public job to her family. Just because the government does not consider her time and labor to be equivalent to a “job”, it does not mean she did not do anything to provide for her family. She had to work extremely hard for her farm and family to survive: all the animals and children needed tending and the only way for this to happen was for Smith-Yackel’s mother to work vigorously on the farm and in the house. To the social security office, this was not considered a sufficient “job” because she was not recognized as an employee who paid social security benefits in the eyes of the government, even though she worked long hard hours and raised a family while.

421 Words | 2 Pages

Chris Godkin D. Maggard English 1113, 323 19, September 2012 MyMotherNeverWorked In the story “MyMotherNeverWorked ,” Bonnie Smith-Yackel recalls the time she contacted the Social Security service about her mother’s death benefits. At that time, Bonnie was put on hold while the Social Security worker searched through the files for the record of Martha Jerabek Smith. During the time she was waiting, Bonnie began to reminisce about the life of her deceased mother . As time goes by, the worker eventually returns to the phone. The worker explains to Bonnie that she is not able to receive the death benefits of her mother due to the fact she never had recordable job. During the duration of the phone call with the Social Security worker, Bonnie seemed quite distraught in she was very slow to answer the questions of the worker. She took short pauses throughout her sentences before completing them. She was asked a few questions about her mother in relation to her name, age, Social Security number and if she was on Social Security. Bonnie told the worker that her mother was seventy eight and was on Social Security but she did not know the number. The worker then placed Smith-Yackel on hold while she searched for Martha Jerabek Smith’s record. Bonnie then used that time to search through.

800 Words | 2 Pages

writer trying to make? Why do you suppose her thesis is never explicitly stated? The author’s whole (main) point of in the essay is to make the reader feel sympathy for her mother . because of the hardships she went through working on a farm while raising eight children, which leads us to believe she is deserving of the Social Security benefit check. Another point is general; even though, women does do so much work towards their home, they don't get any credit from our society. I suppose that… (When doing this type of writing do not use words like: whole, all, everyone, everybody, always, etc. The Social Security rules (in the U.S.) were originally set up as a pension for people who earned pay and paid into the system. There is no indication in the text that woman who work at home do not recieve credit from society.) 2. This essay appeared in Ms. magazine and other publications whose audiences are sympathetic to feminist goals. Could it just as easily have appeared in a magazine whose audience was not? Explain. I think it could easily appear in a magazine whose audience was not sympathetic to feminist goals. I would say it would not be the most readable topic, and it is probably would have a lot of argumentations and critics after all. (This is a story of rural life in the early 20th Century. This essay could have been written about a man - it is more about how people lived in difficult times. Consider a man who worked hard.

489 Words | 2 Pages

Journal of Liberation magazine published in 1975, "MyMotherNeverWorked ," Bonnie Smith-Yackel, author of several essays, book reviews and short stories in various magazines and newspapers, proclaims that society belittles women and the work they do. She does so by sharing a glimpse of the hard labor her mother did in her adult life, such as doing strenuous work on a farm with her husband, raising eight children and many more tasks as a mother . such as, keeping the house clean, sewing and cooking for her enormous family. She ends the essay with a discouraging view of a conversation with a social security office worker, shortly after her mother's death, who denies her of a death benefit check, simply because her mother did not work under the government for her pay. Smith-Yackel develops her thesis by looking at the overwhelming responsibilities her mother had, that the social security office did not consider a profession. She begins by framing the essay with the phone conversation dialogue. She then goes on to reminisce about her mother's effort throughout her lifetime, giving a brief biography of her mother's exhausted list of skills she learned to help manage the farm, while still fulfilling the role of a mom of a rather large family. One of the last thoughts she has is of her mother still cooking, ironing and sewing at the age of 75, from her.

397 Words | 1 Pages

MYMOTHER Of all the persons in the world, mymother loves me most, and I also love her from the core of my heart. To me, she is like a living goddess who takes all kinds of pain and care for my sake. When I am sick, she spends sleepless nights by my sick-bed. When I come first in my class exami­nation, she becomes perhaps the happiest person on earth. From my childhood, I have been greatly influenced by mymother . She has always guided me in the right path in every step of my life. She has taught me discipline, manners, and the sense of duty towards others in the family and in the society. I remember that she used to relate to me many oriental and mythological tales, when I was a child and did not know ho\V to read and write. She has taught me to love my country and my countrymen. She helps me every day in preparing my home-work given by the class-teacher. Mymother is an ideal woman in my life. I feel myself fortunate for being born as her son. She is very anxious about my health, my education, and my prosperity. I feel that there is no other person nearest to the heart than a mother in this world. A Mother's Advice I believe that it is important to get your.

544 Words | 1 Pages

MyMotherNeverWorked In this essay the words that are significant to getting the authors point across would be NeverWorked . The connatative meaning means that her mothernever had a job were she received a monetary pay. The denotative meaning is that her mother . in fact worked very hard every day of her life, taking care of her children, home and farm. I like the title of the essay it shows the irony of what many people believe stay at home mothers do, and the actual hard work that they do. The authors main goal is to show what a hardworking woman her mother was. The essay was published in Ms. magazine along with other womens magazine and I believe that is what her target audience is. I believe the author wrote this essay for her mother and all stay at home mothers who devout their lives to their families. I think the author got her message across that her mother was a very hard working woman. The details of all the work her mother did every day really spoke to me. What a hard working woman she was. An excerpt of the essay that really stood out from this essay is "at the rehabilitation institute. were they gave her physical therapy and trained her to live usefully in a wheelchair, the therapists told me:" She did fifteen pushups today-fifteen.

594 Words | 2 Pages

begins to recollect some of the faint memories of her mother and the tedious stages of life that she had endured. She uses this introduction as an open door to the story of her mother and will ultimately use this same introduction to close this entry of pain and dedication. Marriage during those days weren't the same as we now know them. Our perception of marriage brings to mind the words love, unity, and happily-ever-after. As you tell from Yackel's essay her mother's perception of marriage differs from the minds of today. Her schemes of marriage consist of a half-dozen children to look after while she cooks, cleans, and supports the weight of the world on her shoulders. Today, no one would be caught dead with twelve uncultivated kids tugging at there sleeves. Obviously, birth control wasn't actually promoted if even offered at this time period. Yackel uses a quote from her mother to show the discouragement she has about the idea of marriage. 'It just makes me sick. "(Smith-Yackel page 97). This is a direct quote from the mother of Yackel, showing her raw and real feelings about marriage. It's not difficult to understand the frustration she must felt, it obviously makes a statement about marriage during the 1920's. Fulfilling her destiny, Yackel's mother begins the life she had so dreaded committing to, having two children within her three years of marriage made her aspect of marriage even more.

762 Words | 3 Pages