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Homework Debate: Pros and Cons

Homework Debate: Pros and Cons

My kids returned to school just last week. I expect that this week, the homework will begin. I'm dreading it. Between our two kids' extracurricular activities and our professions, my husband and I seriously struggle to do anything else with our kids BUT homework. So as I unanxiously wait for the homework to start rolling in, I thought I'd take a closer look at what homework is, why it's necessary (or not), and how effective it is. What I found? Homework debate: pros, cons. and I still don't like it!

Homework Debate: Cons

I thought this was an interesting way to start. This statement is from an article "The Homework Debate ":

'“Homework is all pain and no gain,” says author Alfie Kohn. In his book The Homework Myth. Kohn points out that no study has ever found a correlation between homework and academic achievement in elementary school, and there is little reason to believe that homework is necessary in high school. In fact, it may even diminish interest in learning, says Kohn.'

I also found this statement by Nancy Kalish, author of "The Case Against Homework: How Homework Is Hurting Our Children and What We Can Do About It" in Jay Mattews' column in the Washington Post was also very provoking:

"Another disturbing fact. is how little training teachers get when it comes to homework. Only one teacher in hundreds that we surveyed said she had ever taken a class specifically on homework. If you look into this, as we did, you'll find that most teacher training programs, even at top universities such as Harvard, don't include such courses."

The realm of education seems to be one that is concerned with making sure that teachers are constantly learning about new theories and techniques. So, the fact that so few educators are taught about homework really surprised me.

I read many, many articles and statements about how homework exhausts kids and has little educational value. Over and over again I came across these arguments.

Homework Debate: Pros

Homework keeps kids from watching too much TV.

Homework increases school performance on standardized testing.

Jay Matthews, in another Washington Post article, "The Weak Case Against Homework " argues that he remembers "what class was like on days when I had not done my homework. I remember what it was like on days when I had. The latter was a much more engaging and useful educational experience than the former."

That was seriously underwhelming. So.

I still don't like it

I was very disappointed in what I found as I read more and more about the topic of homework. I was hoping to find some inspiration or enthusiasm for homework. But I still don't like it. And, I do have some frame of reference, after all I was a student for many years myself. Granted, I can honestly say that not all homework is bad. But there is a lot of it, period. And a lot of it that in my opinion is frustrating for parents, and most importantly frustrating for students.

Dream Homework

What would I like to see? Meaningful homework. I'm guessing that most teachers already feel that their homework is meaningful. But according to what I've read, we really don't know as teachers aren't necessarily taught about homework and what is effective and what isn't.

Homework that doesn't intimidate my kids or me. If my kids get homework, I want it to be something that they can reasonably achieve on their own and be successful. I want to see quality homework rather than quantity. My dream would be for teachers to work together so they could get a picture of what a kid's homework would look like when all their assignments are put together.

I know, I know. but it's my dream.

I'm looking forward to some comments that will help show people like me the value and need for homework. Help me!

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Tfk homework debate pros

How to Debate a Point

How to Debate a Point

Even if you are in an office job, debate skills are vital elements to climbing up any job market (corporate, medical, or educational). Some people are better debaters than others. Consequently, they go into fields such as law or sales. Still, debating points is integral to improving your professional situation. You will need to know how to debate a point to increase your salary, you will need to debate a point to get the best position you deserve, the best desk, the best hours, the best clients, and so on. Even if your work takes you to places that argumentative skills are extraneous, they will always help you in your job pursuits. Perhaps you will need to debate a point just to get the job. You must convince an employer that you are the best candidate for the job in order to secure it and move up in the corporation (or school or hospital).

Follow these few steps to create a strong "point" or argument. From this point on, we will refer to a "point" as an argument or a theme.

  • Research all information around "the point."
  • Pick a side to debate. There are always two (or more) ideas to a debate or points to argue. You must select one viewpoint and follow it through. If you are a little iffy on your argument, it will appear in your debate. You do not even have to agree with your argument, you just must commit to it in order to create a strong debate.
  • Once you have researched both sides to a point, you must begin creating your debate.
  • Like an essay, a debate point is a formulaic. It has an introduction, evidence, and a conclusion. The main difference is that most debates are oral. You speak in public, sometimes extemporaneously.
  • Your point must have an introduction, but not a flowery introduction. Usually, you just jump to the point. You can open with a general thought or anecdote, but do not veer too far from the subject matter or else people will start fidgeting. They will not listen to your debate.
  • Gather at least three pieces of evidence. Have them prepared ahead of time. You may not use them all while speaking. However, you will always have more the enough information to fall back on if there is an uncomfortable silence.
  • Conclude your debate by disproving the opponent's point. You will then reaffirm the certitude of your point by repeating your thesis statement aloud.

While debates are usually oral, here are a few tips to follow in order to appear calm and collected and prepared. Confidence is vital in debate. Your presentation, speech, and appearance matter almost as much as your delivery and your content.

  • Dress appropriately
  • Have notes prepared. You do not want your debate to be an oral presentation of a written essay.
  • Practice speaking aloud in front of a mirror and then in front of other people
  • Understand both sides of the debate so that you are prepared to contradict the other side.
  • Be ready to concede small points. It does not matter if you lose many little battles, so long as you win the war.

Remember, debates are just like essays. There is a thesis (central argument), several pieces of evidence, and a conclusion. The main difference in a debate is the presentation. You are not reading aloud a written essay. You are presenting a theme, an argument, a point orally. You must convince the opponent that you are correct and he or she is incorrect. You do this by appearing confident, disproving the opponent's point, and overpowering your points. It is vital to understand all sides of an issue so that you can disprove your opponent's point. This difference is where debating a point differs the most from writing an essay.

Fashion Trends For Kids: European Style

Fashion Trends For Kids

By: Bianca Bartz - Sep 21, 2007

Autumn isn't all bad -- its arrival means you can break out cuddly fall clothes! Cozy knits, warm jackets and fun wool hats make kicking through piles of leaves even more enjoyable. This season, it's all about bright colors for kids, lots of prints and tons of details. For mini-trend-setters, there are no boundaries!

Want your kids decked out in the latest European fashions? German magazine, Myself, featured a gallery of trends for fall so your youngsters can look just as styling as their fashionable parents.

Is your little one a little too eager to grow up? Then suit up your little fashion victim in the "college-look," a style Polo Ralph Lauren is famous for mastering.


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Balloon Debates: Templates and Tips!

“You are in a hot air balloon that is losing height rapidly. It will soon crash into the side of a mountain because it is overweight. To prevent the certain death of everybody on board, only one person will be allowed to stay in the balloon!”

Balloon debates are a great way of promoting research and presentational skills, and invariably make for a very lively lesson!

Lesson 1: Students research a character and prepare their presentations
  • In the first lesson, each student needs to choose (or will be allocated) a character relating to the topic of study (for example, eminent Victorians).
  • Names can be allocated randomly to the students using the ClassTools Random Name Picker .
  • Each student should then be given a copy of the PowerPoint Template which they can use to frame their research:

Note: Defining “Importance”

To be historically important, a person must do some or all of the following:

Had an impact both in the short- and the long-term

Had an impact on a lot of people’s lives

Had an impact over many countries

Had an impact on many areas of life – for example: politics, economics, society, religion…it is a good idea to define these in discussion with students.

Lesson 2: Conducting the Balloon Debate

A. Getting Ready for the First Round – focusing on ‘positives’

▪ Give the students 10 minutes to refresh their memories and to revise the material.

▪If they had homework time before the lesson, they will hopefully have made a mask ready for the debate.

▪ Get the PowerPoints saved into a public area so they can be shown on the whiteboard.

B. The first round of the debate – focusing on ‘positives’

▪ Four or five students stand at the front. Choose these randomly using the Classtools name picker .

▪ The first student’s Powerpoint is put onto the screen. The student is not allowed to read the slide – it’s there for the benefit of the audience – and they can only speak for 60 seconds, explaining what they did and why they deserve to stay in the balloon (note: they should speak in the first person, i.e. as if they ARE the character).

▪At the end of their speech, invite questions from the audience. These can be answered directly, OR the student concerned can nominate a ‘researcher’ to make a note of these questions and start finding the answers to them.

▪ Repeat this format for the other four students.

▪Go back to each of the nominated ‘researchers’, one after the other, to get answers to the questions raised during the debate.

▪ Each member of the audience then has to vote for just one character to be thrown OUT of the balloon.

▪ The two characters who get the least votes are then ‘thrown out’ (or even bottom three, depending on the size of the class / time available).

▪ This process is repeated with the remaining people in the class.

C. Getting ready for the final round of the debate – focusing on ‘negatives’

▪ Each finalist now works with a team consisting of the people they defeated in Round 1.

▪ Their task is to gather evidence AGAINST the other finalists, for example suggesting that they were insignificant, unheroic, and so on.

▪ In this way, the focus of the whole debate is changed, everybody remains engaged, and the final will not merely consist of rehearsing the same old points a second time.

D. The final round of the debate – focusing on ‘negatives’

▪ The finalists should line up at the front of the class.

▪ The first finalist should explain why the person to their left does NOT deserve to stay in the balloon. The person criticised in this way should be given a chance to respond before they in turn criticise the person to their left. The person at the end of the line should criticise the person who started the discussion.

▪ The audience then has to vote who should be thrown out. It is important that they don’t vote for who should stay in – because there is too much of a tendency for students to vote in favour of the finalist whose team they belong to.

▪ The ‘Two hands / One hand” voting system works well here: in this format, students raise two hands (=two votes against) their least favourite character, and one hand against the second least-favoured. This makes for a slightly more sophisticated voting outcome.

Step 4: Written outcomes

As a written “outcome” you could get students to answer the questions:

  1. Who were the last three people to survive in the balloon, and why were they considered so important?
  2. How could you argue that your character was more important than any one of the three finalists?
Taking it further
  • Get students to make a mask to wear during the debate. See this post on the ClassTools blog for some ideas.
  • Students could produce a Diamond9 Diagram ranking the importance of different characters.
  • Students could produce a ‘Paper People’ project to connect the various characters discussed during the debate.