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Year 1 Maths Homework Time

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PPT - Year 7 Maths Homework – Autumn term PowerPoint Presentation

Year 7 Maths Homework – Autumn term PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Year 7 Maths Homework – Autumn term

Each week there is to be homework set, due in the day the teacher requests.

The topics for each week are listed below.

  • The Key Assessment is taken in the last 3 weeks of term and will include a selection from all topics this term, as well as others from throughout the year.
  • Please note: The date given is the date which the work is being taught in class. The due date may well be the following week and is at the individual teachers discretion.

  • Each homework is divided into 3 sections, A B & C.

  • A is for all pupils to attempt.

  • B is slightly harder and for most pupils to attempt.

  • C is the higher level work for some pupils to attempt.

  • (Your teacher will tell you which parts you should work up to)

  • ONLY SPEND AROUND 30mins! If you are struggling, try using mymaths, if this doesn’t help then ask someone who can, preferably your maths teacher (BEFORE IT IS DUE IN!)

  • Every other week (roughly) is a Mymaths based homework. These are to be done online using your own login and password.

  • The initial school login is testwood and password is triangle (this may change)

  • Please remember to click ‘checkout’ at the end so your work is submitted.

  • If you do not have the internet at home please use the learning resource centre (open until 4pm Monday – Thursday, 3.30pm Friday)

    Homework 1.1. Indices (powers).

    A.Work out. (i) 2 x 2 x 2(ii) 3 x 3

    (iii) 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 (iv) 5 x 5 x 5

    (v) 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10(vi) 64

    Jo said 4³ = 12. Is Jo right. Explain.

    • B. Write(i) 3 x 3 x 3 as a power of 3.
  • (ii) 8 x 8 x 8 as a power of 8.

  • (iii) 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 as a power of 2.

  • (iv) 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 as a power of 10.

  • (v) 7 x 7 x 7 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 as a power of 7 and 9.

  • 4²(ii) 25 (iii) 34 (iv) 05 (v) 5 cubed (vi) 3² x 106

  • Which is larger (i) 2³ or 3². Explain. (ii) 4³ or 8²? Explain.

  • 4²(ii) 25 (iii) 34 (iv) 05 (v) 5 cubed(vi) 3² x 106

  • 2. Which is larger (i) 2³ or 3². Explain.(ii) 4³ or 8²?

  • If 2³ x 8 x 4 = 2n. what is the value of n?

    Homework 1.2. Factors, multiples and prime numbers

    A.Write out. (i) All the factors of 10 (ii) All the factors of 18

    (iii) The 1st 5 multiples of 7iv) The 1st 5 multiples of 15 (v) The 1st 5 prime numbers

    (i) Is 3 a factor of 30. Explain how you know.

    (ii) I am thinking of a number that is greater than 3.

    My number is a factor of 30. What could my number be? Give an example.

    B. Complete the prime factorisation of i) 120 ii) 400

    Level 5: Error in question

    Marrie wrote: 594 x 25 = 14 852.

    Without doing the calculation, how can you tell her answer is wrong?

    C. Find the HCF and LCM of 90 and 120 using prime factorisation method.

    In this question, n stands for any whole number.

    For the expression 2n, tick ( ) the correct statement below.

    2nmust be odd. 2nmust be even. 2ncould be odd or even.

    Explain your answer.

    (b) For the expression 3n, tick ( ) the correct statement below.

    3nmust be odd. 3nmust be even. 3ncould be odd or even.

    Explain your answer.

    Homework 1.3: Negative numbers

    – you may only need to do one (A=easiest, C=Hardest)

    your teacher will tell you which one.

    A. Negative Numbers 1

    B. Negative Numbers 2

    C. Negative Numbers OW

    Homework 1.4: Properties of shapes

    – you may only need to do one (A=easiest, C=Hardest)

    your teacher will tell you which one.

    A. Describing Shapes

    C. Lines and quadrilaterals

    Plans and elevations

    Plans and elevations – an extension task

    (use the lesson section to explore this task).

    Homework 1.5 – Angles

    • A. What types of angles are these (acute, obtuse, reflex)
  • Measure each of the angles in part A with a protractor.

  • Level 4: Angles in a square

  • (a) How many degrees are there in a right angle? ……. degrees

  • (b) The diagram shows a square.

  • How many degrees is angle a? Explain.

  • B. Calculate the missing angles:

  • Calculate the value of x.

  • L5: Drawing triangles

  • (a) Tina measures the angles in a triangle.

  • The sketch shows her results.

  • How can you tell that Tina has

  • Not drawn accurately

  • C. Do all of part B and the L6 question below.

  • L6: Angles again

  • The diagram shows a rectangle.

  • Work out the size of angle a

  • You must show your working.

  • Other articles

    Maths Homework Sheets Year 1

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    Maths Homework

    Key Stage 1 Numeracy Homework
    Year 1 Clock Work
    "Time for Tea"

    What will this game will achieve?

    This activity will help your child to read the time to the hour (o'clock) and recognise familiar events which occur at certain times.

    How do you play?

    • Roll two dice and add the numbers together,
    • Show 4 o'clock on the clock using the straw hand
    • Think of something that happens at that time. For example, I arrive home from school at about 4 o'clock
    • If you show the right time, collect 1 counter
      If you show the right time and can say something which happens at the time, collect 2 counters.
    • The first player to collect 10 counters is the winner

    On the hour
    Minute hand
    Hour hand
    Questions to ask: Where do you put the big hand/minute hand?
    Where do you put the small hand/hour hand?
    What time does it say?
    What do you do about that time?
    Is that in the morning or evening?
    What time is midday/midnight?
    Is that earlier or later than my time?

    Maths Homework

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    10-year-old asks local police department for help with math homework - Boston News, Weather, Sports

    10-year-old asks local police department for help with math homework

    MARION, OH (WHDH) — Molly Draper’s 10-year-old daughter was having a little trouble with her homework the other night, so she messaged the local police on Facebook and they gave it their best attempt.

    “I said I’m having trouble with my homework, I said can you help. He said yeah, what’s the problem. I gave him the thing, I don’t know what to do,” the fifth-grade student said.

    Screenshots shared to Draper’s Facebook on Feb. 18, show her daughter asking the police for assistance with her math homework, and somebody very kindly got back to her in her time of need.

    The officer helped her with a second math problem, but he got it wrong.

    The Marion, Ohio Police Department had a sense of humor about it posting on Facebook.

    “Have to say this is the first time we have been asked by a young Facebook follower to help with homework through messenger but hey, we SERVE and protect,” the department said.

    The girl’s mother loved that the officer took the time to help her daughter.

    “They’ve got a great community outreach. And they’re building trust and relationships with people her age and the entire community. And they’re human too. So they don’t always know Math like the rest of us,” Molly Draper said.

    The good deed quickly went viral. Draper’s post had earned 1,200 likes at the time of writing.

    (Copyright (c) 2017 Sunbeam Television. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)